5 Best Hotel Booking Platforms in 2022

You can easily find and book hotels through websites. But there are still three different ways to do so. The first method is to go to the official website of the hotel and contact their staff. The biggest advantage of using this method is that you can know about the details of deals and packages.

The other method is to find any hotel from the online travel agencies (OTA). They also help you in making reservations and bookings.

While the third method is using Metasearch engines (Aggregators). Aggregators never handle your reservations but instead, they provide you with results of your choice. For instance, you will get the hotel choices based upon your budget and room requirements.

Bidroom.com is one such platform that offers you the option of selecting the right hotel and making a reservation. In addition to making room reservations, you can also find some amazing deals here. Do visit their website for more details.

So here are the best hotel booking platforms for you.

1. HotelsCombined

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Platform type: Aggregator

HotelsCombined is the top aggregator type platform for making hotel reservations. This site offers you the best price. Besides, you have to search the hotel by its name. So as long as it can find the search results, it will offer the best rate.

HotelsCombined claims to offer you 30 top results but you might actually not get so many options. Therefore, you cannot always expect to get what they say. That is why the best option is to check at least two tot here different sites. Afterward, you can choose the one that provides you with the most suitable results.

Sometimes, there are variations because of the season and place you are visiting. Some sites work best in certain countries while others do not. Therefore, you can always check on at least 3 different sites.

A major problem with this site is that it always shows you the $1 price. So you have to open the link and check out the details first. But the positive point is that it will provide you various booking engines in one go. Furthermore, you can also see the price with and without tax.

2. TripAdvisor

Source: wearemarketing.com

Platform Type: Aggregator

TripAdvisor is also an aggregator type hotel finding site. TripAdvisor is famous for its amazing and cheapest search results. So when you search the hotel, it will give you the lowest priced option. Furthermore, they also provide user reviews that can help you better in determining that whether the site is helpful.

But the problem is that you only get user reviews and not customer reviews. Therefore, you can only get help regarding the site’s usefulness and not authenticity. Moreover, these reviews can be fake. But this is the problem everywhere. At least from our search results, TripAdvisor is the second-best choice for 2022.

The positive aspect of TripAdvisor is that they are good at finding the lowest rates. Besides, you can also apply some efficient filters and also reviews from the users.

3. Booking.com

Source: roomcloud.net

Platform type: OTA

Booking.com provides you the best hotels under $200. Furthermore, the results are quite quick. The amazing thing is that when you see the search results, the price will also include the taxes. So you are less likely to make any mistake about the price estimation.

Unlike many other view-gaining websites, Booking.com shows all the necessary details on the first page. Contrary to this, certain websites have hidden buttons and bury fees that result in gaining more views.

The negative point about this website is that it shows promotional messages like “you missed it”. Likewise, “only 2 rooms left” is also one of the messages that might make you anxious. Thus, you are likely to decide without thinking much.

But the good thing is that you get twice the search results. Furthermore, it shows the lowest available prices. Their filters are good and efficient and provide you with the most suitable options.

4. Agoda

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Platform type: OTA

Agoda is also one of the top hotel finding sites. This site is best for Asian countries as it was founded in Thailand. Furthermore, it is also a part of Booking.com so you will surely get good results for other countries.

The good thing about Agoda is that it consistently works on finding the lowest international prices with the most options. So you will have an upper hand in both terms. Another interesting thing is that there is a discount for members. So if you have a membership with them, you can get a 10% discount.

The only con of this site is that when you search for logging in Asia and Europe, the results are without taxes. Therefore, the rates will seem cheaper at the first sight but they are actually not.

5. Priceline

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Platform type: OTA

Priceline offers standard results by comparing different hotels and their prices. Furthermore, it also covers the facilities offered by the hotel. In terms of finding the lowest price, the results might be a bit lacking in comparison to other platforms.

But when we talk about blind booking, Priceline is best. It has its own patented system “Express Deals”. Therefore, you will be able to save around 18 to 60 percent of your cost.

The problem that you might encounter with Priceline is that the hotels and private rentals appear separately. So when you check for the logging, you have to do a detailed search. Furthermore, when you apply sub-par filters, you will not get an accurate price. So confirm the price by clicking on the hotel page.


No one is perfect in this world. Therefore, search engines also make some mistakes sometimes. So when you are looking for a hotel, you can firstly look at the best options. Afterward, you can check the price offered by the official site of the hotel and on other platforms. Thus, in this way, you will get the most suitable place at the lowest rate. Although, it might be a bit hectic but it will save you a lot of money.