How Does HCG Drops Work?

The HCG or better known as the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is a kind of hormone that is present during the early stage of pregnancy. It is believed that the HCG can create wonders in a person’s health especially when it is closely related to losing weight. Other than that, this hormone has also been used to treat certain fertility issues to both men and women.

Right now, most studies have found out that it can be a good resort to people who aim to lose weight through the use of the HCG drops. A British doctor named Albert Simeons was the first to propose the HCG as an aid to losing weight in 1954.

Accordingly, there are two main components that a person has to do if he or she aims to lose a good amount of pound. First, he or she must practice a low-calorie diet that is about 500 calories only in a day. And second, he must be able to use the HCG through a drop or injection. With all these claims, many are getting excited as to what an HCG drop can really do for them.

How Does HCG Drops Work

Is HCG Drop Safe?

With the recent popularity of HCG in the market today, most of the health experts are becoming concern about its use. While it is true that a good number of people aims to lose weight every now and then, they also need to be aware of whether or not the HCG drops are best for them – read more about it.

Having known that this product is used to treat issues on fertility, there is no claim yet as to how safe it is when it comes to the losing weight process. As a matter of fact, the Food and Drug Administration has been clear about their warnings to be very careful in buying over-the-counter drugs which contain the HCG.

Most of these products are labeled “homeopathic” and the FDA claimed that it is not safe. Nevertheless, people are still becoming curious about the product considering the fact that it helps them cut off their calorie intake, thus, resorting to weight loss is deemed possible.

Meanwhile, health experts have also added that certain diets that restrict a person from a severely-limited calorie intake are also not good for the health. It may lead to certain health problems such as gallstone formation and irregular heartbeat.

Therefore, if weight loss is your ultimate goal, make sure to look for safer ways for you to do it. While many people still claim that HCG drops are safe, the medical experts including the FDA have already issued their warning about what could be the possible side effects of it to your health.

How Does HCG Drops Work

Meanwhile, if you feel to continue your weight loss journey with HCG drops, just make sure to follow the different diet phases that are being prescribed. Most of the weight loss results may become visible in three to four weeks, depending on how much your body will adapt with your weight loss technique.

As of this writing, most of the HCG products like HCG drops are available online for your purchase. And while this hasn’t been proven yet by FDA to be safe, make sure to take precautionary measures should there be something bad you notice with your health.