How Safe Are Indian Online Casinos for Gambling

by Anite Allesis

India is one of the countries in the world where online casinos are gaining more and more popularity every day, and a lot of players are using their gambling websites to play their favorite games, hoping that they will earn some additional money in a time of global health and economy crisis. In general, the regulated and verified online gambling locations are safe, and that applies to India too. For some people, these games are something new, and it’s very normal for them not to know some important details, including how to recognize if one particular website is legit or not.

As you know, plenty of people are living in India right now. This country is known for its massive population, so it’s expected that a huge number of them are at least curious to try some gambling in their life. Initially, these websites weren’t accepted and approved, until the local laws were adapted, in order for these services to be licensed, to avoid scams and fraud. It wasn’t long ago when gambling was prohibited in the whole country, but some law legislations and regulations are allowing the existence of a lot of online casinos. It’s still not legalized in the whole territory, but some Indian states accepted the new laws and implemented them, so the citizens can enjoy the games of luck.

Is it safe and secure to have an online gambling account when in India?


Every online casino should apply for a license and can’t start working until the government approves it. That means, it’s very difficult to get that allowance, but when you see a gambling website with an Indian domain in the URL, you have to check if it’s certified. Illegal websites are appearing every day, but they are easily caught and turned off.

Once the owner applies for this license, the authorities are checking their background and financial history, including the potential existence of criminal records. What we are trying to tell, is that if you see an Indian-certified online casino, you can be 100% sure that it passed all the country’s tests, and now it works legally, with an approved and verified payment methods, and 0% chances for a scam.

Now you are probably asking how to find those legitimate websites, so you can join some of the traditional casino games, but also some authentic Indian gambling and betting activities. So, you can visit this website ad check some of the best betting sites in India, and find the one that fits you best. You will see that many popular betting and gambling franchises have their versions there.

How to join a safe online casino?


When you first access some website, you shouldn’t immediately sign up and deposit your money. Take some time to check the “About us” section, the owners, the license, and certificate, and compare them to the official data available. This may seem like an unnecessary thing to do, but that’s the only way to be sure you did everything you need to protect yourself.

Then, read the terms and conditions, because you need to agree with them (no skipping, read them carefully), so you can get to know the regulations and rules better. Check the offered payment methods too. See if the website is eligible to transfer the money, which requires at least 128-bit encryption of the data. The best and most secure encryption is the 256-bit one, which is turning your personal data into unbreakable combinations of digits.

Once you are sure everything is fine with the website, create an account with your email and choose a strong password for the profile. You will probably get a welcome bonus that you can use to play games and even win something. Don’t forget that these websites have strong monitoring, and you shouldn’t try to manipulate them, because you will be caught anyway.

Why India has so strict laws?


As you probably know, when played passionately, but losing track of the money the player spends, this entertaining activity can easily become an addiction. That’s why their laws are very strict, so they can prevent this type of addiction. Also, some religious reasons are there, and gambling is considered a sin in some cultures. But once again, the regulated casinos are completely safe for the player. The amount of time spent playing depends just on them, and every person is the only one who is responsible for their activities and eventual addiction.

Some statistics show that at least 80% of the population that has Internet access joined some casino at least once in their lifetime, and used the bonus to complete some games. Many of them are still active. Keep in mind that the authorities can’t issue the license on the whole territory, and the regulated states are Goa, Sikkim, and Daman. This information will also help you in the process of detecting if the service is certified or not.

There are some owners that are registering their services in other countries, but they are opened for Indian players too. Keep in mind that this is not illegal, but it can be difficult to withdraw the money on your bank account, so you will have to look for other option, by using some money transfer channels as Payza or Skrill.

The laws in India are made to protect the citizens and their authentic culture, and gambling is not a part of their tradition. But, the country is progressing, and many people there find casinos interesting and entertaining, and that’s one of the reasons why the authorities anyway help some platforms to be available for the players all over the country.


Just like in the rest of the world, online casinos in India can be completely regulated, or completely illegal. That’s why you, as a player, shouldn’t join every website you see. Use the instructions from this article to recognize if something is suspicious or weird, even if that means you will have to spend a few hours on that background check. That’s the only way to protect yourself from scams and prevent gaming addiction.

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