Women: How to Be Sexier and More Attractive to Your Man

One topic which consistently fills the pages of women’s magazines regards that age-old question of how to make yourself more attractive in the eyes of your man. As a woman, it can often seem like men are simple, but in reality, working out the secret unlocking your sex appear is not always straightforward for a woman.

The truth is often that there is a difference between men and women’s conceptions of the ideal female beauty. After all, how many times have we come across stories of women who are not conventionally beautiful or seductive, but who consistently leave others are scratching their heads about the apparent ease with which they attract the longing gazes of male admirers?

While we must be aware that all men are not the same and have different tastes in women, there are a few basic rules that all women can follow that will immediately make them more attractive to the opposite sex. In this article, we lay out a few of these rules that should instantly make your man fall head over heels in newfound admiration for you.

1. Be Passionate About Something

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It would not be untrue to say that a lot of women tend to adopt the interests and hobbies of their men. While having a girlfriend or wife that takes an interest in their passions is a huge plus for a man, women who also have their own passions and idiosyncrasies often hold an added fascination with a man.

If you are interested in something, throw yourself into it headfirst. It really does not matter what – the simple fact that you are passionate enough about something is enough to drive most men crazy.

2. Be Independent

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Men simply love women who are independent. Independence is a sign that a woman knows her worth and is confident not to need the shelter of a man in which to take refuge. She is comfortable in her own skin and not afraid to stand up for what she believes in. She has her own set of values that she sticks to and is not easily influenced by others.

All of these traits will make a man think that his woman is principled and will stick by him when things are not plain sailing, even when others have forsaken him.

3. Give Him Space

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There is nothing worse than a woman who is clingy. While you may love your man so much that you never want to let him out of your sight, most men find this kind of attention claustrophobic and restrictive.

The secret to all healthy relationships is giving your partner enough space to do the things that he wants to do. In the long run, he will appreciate you for the freedom that your relationship gives you both, especially when his buddies moan about their overbearing wives and girlfriends when they get together to blow off steam.

4. Be Smart

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By being smart, we do not mean that you have to be a member of Mensa or anything. Intelligence simply requires a person to take an interest in what is happening in the world around them. All it really takes is staying active in terms of educating yourself using books, magazines, and other media. You do not need to be a mastermind – just make an effort to keep learning!

Most men find that there is nothing more attractive than a partner who is their intellectual equal or superior. Not only this, but you will find that simply keeping in touch with current events also widens the scope for conversation.

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6. Express Yourself Sexually

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One of the most attractive things to men is a woman who presents a respectable image to that outside world but is actually somewhat of a wild animal between the sheets. It is common to have certain hang-ups when it comes to sex, but you should try to let go of your fear of being judged and learn to have fun. It will help you both to relax and move your relationship on to new heights together, bringing you closer both physically and emotionally.

7. Be Yourself

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When it comes to boosting your attractiveness, you must remember that there is no one type of woman that is necessarily more attractive than another. All are different and have certain aspects of the way that they look and are that make them unique.

Some are intense and seductive and not afraid to take control, while others are cute and innocent and prefer to let the man lead. There is no right way or wrong way of being. The secret of attractiveness is simple to be yourself, as most men are drawn to women who are not afraid of saying what they think and feel. After all, your man found you attractive enough to start a relationship with you when he first met you, so why try to be anyone other than who you really are?

There is no definitive way to make yourself sexier and more attractive to your man. Just like women, all men are different and like different things in a partner. That said, if you pay heed to tips in this article, you will not go far wrong when it comes to keeping your man interested.