How to Bet on the NFL – 2020 Beginners Guide

by Anite Allesis

For many people who love sports events, betting brings another level of excitement, especially when they are betting on their favorite club. Today, betting on sport is very popular, and you can choose almost any sport and other events. However, you should know about the rules and odds to understand the whole process and what are your chances to win from gambling.

The most common type of bet is predicting a winner, but there are some types of bets which are unique to each sport. When it comes to the NFL, you can visit to read more about single-game bets, money lines, point spreads, and other things related to successful betting on American Football.

We can see a great rise in the popularity of betting in recent years, and the main reason for that is because we can easily place a bet over our smartphones on some online bookkeeper platform. Online gambling became more popular than traditional methods. If you are interested in betting on NFL games, here are some of the most important tips that could help you to be more efficient.

Money Lines


This type of bet is most popular among people who are interested in predicting a winner of the match, and that is the simplest method. Before every game, the bookkeeper pronounces the odds, which are usually low when there is a favorite that is most likely to win. For example, if the odd on one team is 1.25, you will win $125 from $100 invested. However, when there is a favorite with such a small odd, they will give you a much bigger one on the opposite team with fewer chances for a win. Yet, there are always surprises in sport, and if you bet on such a team, you could win much more money. For example, if you play on a less-favored team, the odds can be even higher than 5, which could bring you $500 on $100 invested. Also, you can combine various money lines to prevent losses, but you cannot win a lot of money in just one game. You can choose to bet with a bigger amount on small odds, which can bring you great profit over time.

The Point Spread


When you are gambling, it is very important to learn the rules of the game. People who are determining the point spread are experts in this field who would create odds by analyzing the match from every viewpoint like current form, players’ status, and more. Furthermore, their analysis is related to various factors, and even the smallest details could affect the point spread. For example, if a key player is injured, the odd on that team will get higher, because the chances for them to win became lower with the lack of their best player. Weather conditions could affect the game as well and odds could become different because of that.

Parlays and Teasers


If you choose to bet on a single game, chances that you will win a lot of money are very low, unless you place some enormous bet or predict some surprise. That is the main reason why people choose parlays for gambling, which represents a combination of several games that brings much bigger final odd. However, you should know that you must score each line for a win. For example, if you played 5 matches on a ticket, winning 4 out of 5 won’t bring you any reward. Nonetheless, you can create a system where losing would still bring you some money, but you should know that the odds are much lower when you are playing system bet. Another popular betting method is a teaser, where you can alter the lines in every match. In most cases, you can widen the corners by 6 or 7 points. Nevertheless, odds are often much smaller when you are placing a bet with teasers than with parlays.

Futures and Props Bets


Futures represents the odds that you can play before the season start. For example, you can predict who will win the championship, the Super bowl, or how many victories some team will have. On the other side, proposition bets are related to individual performances of players, and you can choose to bet on how many yards someone will receive, the distance of the longest touchdown, who will score it, the total points of the match, and much more.

Bankroll Management


With a proper strategy, you can earn a great amount of money from sports betting. You should create a plan and determine how much money you can spend for a start. We advise you to play more secure bets on the start and slightly increase the stakes over the season. If you are interested in earning more money, you will have to start with a bigger amount. Money management is very important for success. Therefore, you should never rush into any decision, and always analyze the game from various aspects and determine the most likely result.

Many people are making a mistake by placing too much money on a game that they are sure about, and cause additional problems after they lose, especially if they thrive to bring their money back. That is the main reason why you should bet only with the money you can afford to lose, Gambling can become a serious problem, and you have to stay focused and think twice about your moves.

Final Words

Like with any other sport, the NFL league offers a lot of matches during the season, which means that there are thousands of possible combinations available for betting. If you choose to bet only for fun, that is a great way to enjoy during the event. On the other side, if you want to create a great income from betting, you will need a proper strategy and a higher amount of money for a start. There are 256 games in one season, which gives you a lot of chances to create a progression where you can raise the bet on each following game.

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