How To Choose Flowers For Any Occasion

by Jeff Bushman
How To Choose Flowers For Any Occasion

Bouquets and flowers are a perfect gift for any occasion or event. From celebrating the birth of life to celebrating birthdays, bouquets and flowers should be on top of your list as the greatest gifts.  No matter the type of flower or bouquet, they remind the recipient of how much you think of them, appreciate them, and love them.

But how do you choose flowers for any occasion? Can any flower be given on any occasion? Stick around as we are going to give you the answers to all of those questions.

For Weddings

flowers For Weddings

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Regardless of who is getting married and the size of the wedding, flowers remain an integral part of this holy process. Whether the wedding is a traditional one, a beach wedding, a countryside wedding, etc, flowers or bouquets must be involved as part of the wedding gift.

Bouquet trends change all year round. Bouquet color and styles should match the fashion and style of the wedding. Specifically for this year, garden roses and peonies are considered the best ones due to the theme being bluish and mint green. Other popular bouquet and flower color choices for weddings are purple and lime colors, black and white colors, as well as, gold and silver. But no matter what flower you go for, as long as you match the style and color of the venue and wedding theme, then you’ve made the right choice.

If you want to find the perfect bouquet for any event or occasion, make sure to visit this website.

For Valentine’s Day

How To Choose Flowers For Any Occasion


Valentine’s Day is a special day for all lovers in the world. On this day, lovers give flowers that represent their feelings towards each other. Feelings of love and appreciation reign supreme, and there are only two flowers that go perfectly with that. For Valentine’s Day, the perfect flower to give is a red rose or a chrysanthemum. Both flowers speak of love and appreciation and they represent these feelings in the purest way.

However, any flower that comes in the color red will be appreciated by anyone you give. Since love is heartfelt, it comes straight from the hearth, and blood comes from the hearth so that’s why the color red is so commonly associated with Valentine’s Day.

For Birthdays

flowers For Birthdays

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It’s considered a general rule of thumb in the flower industry that any bouquet with the inclusion of eighter roses, carnations, or orchids, an appropriate birthday gift.

Another very popular birthday flower is the daisy. The daisy symbolizes modesty and innocence through the various shades of pink or red. If you didn’t know, the daisy is the flower that most of you played while you were little. That sweet innocent game “he loves me, he loves me not”.

However, the best birthday bouquet should be made out of the recipient’s favorite flowers. Each flower symbolizes something, so below we will tell you which flower symbolizes which feeling.

  • Pink Carnation symbolizes gratitude
  • White Carnation symbolizes remembrance
  • Red chrysanthemum symbolizes sharing
  • Forget-me-not symbolizes remember me forever
  • Gardenia symbolizes joy
  • Geranium symbolizes comfort
  • Jasmine symbolizes grace and elegance
  • A yellow rose symbolizes friendship

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