7 Tips on How to Choose an Office Water Cooler – 2021 Guide

by Mitov Mitrovski

With summer already being in its late prime, it’s quite easy to understand the importance of cold water, especially if you live in an area that has extremely high temperatures on a sunny day. It’s basically the same as with hot water in winter. We need it. But, the thing is, not everybody has access to cold water 24/7. It is possible with the right water cooler though.

The COVID-19 pandemic put us all in a bad spot when it comes to working and all that, but now that things are finally getting “back to normal”, that probably means that you’re getting back in the office as well.

Depending on the company you work at, it may or may not be equipped with such luxuries, such as a reliable office water cooler for example. If it is, you’re lucky. If it’s not, you should suggest it on your next group meeting. Coldwater is important for productivity.

If you are a business owner or someone who wants to purchase the best office water cooler in 2021, this is the right place to be. Our guide includes seven extremely helpful tips that you can use in your process of buying, so let’s not make this introduction any longer than it needs to be and jump straight into the content.

1. Shortlisting by price

Source: 9to5toys.com

Price is one of the most important factors when purchasing something, obviously, so the same thing applies to when you are choosing an office water cooler in 2021. The thing is, you can start creating your list to find the perfect product in many different ways, but one way or another, the price will always put some sort of a limit on you. This is why we suggest that you start by doing a price-sort at first. Find a couple of models that you like, then research the brands. Upon making a list with a few items on it, start by deciding whether the price is accurate for each one of those models. You’ll find that your list will easily and quickly narrow down.

If you don’t have enough time to do your homework and start shortlisting by price, we can help you with a small “kickstart” to boost you further towards your goal. For models that have been checked and reviewed by the pro-water communities, view here.

2. Background checking brands

Source: aromacoffee.net

There will always be a lot of brands manufacturing office water coolers, and this is especially normal in 2021, a year where the market is very oversaturated in almost every field. Thankfully, we have the internet, and people who want to help others by leaving their reviews for certain products online for others to read. You can continue shortlisting and completing your quest to find the best office water cooler by doing background checks on all brands that interest you. You’ll find that some customers have only good words for a certain model, or even the entire brand as a whole, while others will say negative things and express their disappointment about a certain product.

We strongly believe that a person needs to try a product on their own before determining whether it’s “good” or “bad”, but money seems to be very important these days, and reviews are reviews. It’s just the way our market works.

3. Size of the reservoir

Source: smarthome.guide

Now it’s time to get a bit technical. When it comes to purchasing a water cooler in 2021, it’s not all about the brand, appearance, and good words. We need this thing to perform. So, the first and most important thing technicality-wise is the size of the reservoir, or simply said, the amount of water that this thing can hold before needing a refill. We cannot help you much here because you’ll have to determine this based on the number of employees you have, or the size of your office. But, take it into consideration because it’s quite important.  

4. The size of the nozzle

Source: grist.org

The size of the nozzle is also another important thing to take into consideration. Will you be filling up large water bottles from the water cooler? Or you’ll just use smaller cups for some casual hydration at work? Answering this question will help you learn more about the type of model you need to purchase. Every model that you’ll find will have a different nozzle, but it will almost always be listed in the product description.

5. Color and design

Source: careerbuzz.prosky.co

Someone would ask why color and design are important when purchasing such a product, but the real answer is, some people care about the aesthetics of their office. You see, appearance plays a huge role in the corporate world, especially in companies with a very good reputation that need to maintain their appearance in front of other clients. So, for those who care about keeping everything in their office in check when it comes to looks, this matters. Some want a minimalistic design, so they’ll choose modern and slickwater coolers. Choose based on your look-needs, or if you simply don’t care, skip this step.

6. Energy expenditure

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Water coolers need electrical energy in order to keep your aqua cool at all times. Just like a fridge. But, some are capable of cooling things down a lot faster than others, but of course, this means increased energy expenditure as well. So, if you don’t really care about the speed at which your cooler operates, you can purchase something that’s very economical. In any case, read the energy expenditure in the product description section on the brand’s website before purchasing it. After all, some models are just more energy-efficient than others, and that’s what you should be striving to get.  

7. Overall size of the appliance

Source: lavazzapro.co.uk

Last but not least, the overall size of the water cooler is the final and deciding factor. If you have a small office, or you are planning to place this on your desk or something similar, you cannot go with a colossus model. You’ll need something smaller and more compact. This is why we suggest that you read the dimensions on the product description section before purchasing, or taking measures if you’re visiting the store physically to check the product for yourself before buying.

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