How To Cool Your Drinks?

Summer is slowly approaching and we all know what that means. Yes, it means that we don’t get to go on a holiday to sunny Florida, well we will, but more importantly, we get to sit home and live through the heat.

The summer is amazing, but it can sometimes be very hard due to the extreme temperatures. During those times, we would normally grab a refreshing beverage and cool off. But what if we can’t cool it off?

The extreme temperatures of the summer are forcing us to soak up our shirts in ice cold water. And the only other lifesaver is that cold beverage. But that got us thinking, what is the best way to cool your drinks?

In this article, we are going to take a look at some of the most interesting ways you can cool off your drinks.


How To Cool Your Drinks?
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I guess one of the ways we can always keep our drinks ice-cold is to have them placed in a cooler. Once you do that, you place ice, and that makes air travel downwards subsequently cooling your drink more. Your drinks mostly consist of cans of beer and bottles of orange soda. And coolers are perfect who storing bottles and cans.

But coolers come in all shapes and sizes. They don’t have to be those little bags that are extremely convenient for any road trip. They can serve a bigger and better purpose right in your home. If you’re ever interested in a fun way to store and cool off your drinks, make sure to give Kings Bottle USA. a visit.


How To Cool Your Drinks?
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The thing we’re about to say is pretty obvious, but cold drinks stay colder longer. One way to keep your drinks cool at all times is to have them pre-chilled. But not just that, make sure to pre-chill your cooler as well, as this is an excellent way to wasting less energy in cooling. For extra protection, make sure to wrap them up in a cloth or paper towel and place them in the freezer for the time being. The paper towel or cloth will also cool down and keep the drink in prime-temperature for a longer time.

Place them in cold water

How To Cool Your Drinks?

One thing my dad used to do whenever we would go fishing, is to place our drinks in the water. Lakes or rivers are colder than the ocean, for the most part, and that makes them ideal places to place your drinks while camping or fishing. As lake or river waters are colder than the air itself, submerging them for the better part of 20 minutes should cool them off.

Ice Bucket

How To Cool Your Drinks
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Yep, an ice bucket serves a bigger purpose than storing ice for later use. An ice bucket is that thing that we see in movies where the rich would grab a champaign out of it and enjoy with their friends. And that’s precisely what you’re going to be doing to cool down those hot drinks. A general rule of thumb would be not to mix ice and beer. But this way, you’re not mixing ice and beer; you are simply placing the beer can inside the ice bucket to cool it down. Ice buckets are very convenient ways of cooling down drinks, just make sure you have ice ready to place inside.