How to Deal with a Messy Kid’s Room

The other morning, I went to wake up my daughter for school. Her room was a mess. Then I went into her bathroom, and there was stuff all over the floor and the counter in there too. My initial reaction was to immediately yell about how the floor was a mess, and there was too much junk all over the counter. But I thought that would not be a nice way for her to start her day. And I wanted her to have a nice day. So I didn’t say a word about the mess on the floor or how messy her bed was.
As parents, we want our kids to start learning from a young age, but they always think we are against them having fun. I’ve always gotten my daughter the best organic bedding, and finding it tossed all over her messy room got me worked up! Seeing all the hard work and effort, we put in upgrading her bedding thrown and abused was the last straw.
However, I have got a new plan this time that I am sure will work.

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This is the week our cleaning lady comes. (Please don’t start in with me. I have NO other vices – I don’t lunch or shop or buy unnecessary items online, or wear extravagant make-up or perfume even, or buy expensive bras or do anything extravagant really EVER. The only luxury item I consider having is our bamboo pillows.)

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So, the cleaning lady comes this week. I always have the kids straighten their rooms and pick up everything, so when it’s time for their rooms to be cleaned, it’s easy to be vacuumed and dusted.
I’m not having my daughter’s room done this time.

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I’m going to let her live in squalor. I’m not making her pick up the mess in her room. I’ve decided if she wants to live that way, she can face the consequences. Because pretty soon, she’s going to realize there are clothes everywhere, and she’s not going to be able to find something she’s going to need, or she’s going to want an item cleaned, and she’ll realize that it’s much nicer to live in a clean room than a messy room.

This is my new tactic anyway. Let’s see how long this plan works. I am so tired of the nagging only to have the room a complete mess a day or two later. I am sure we all were just as stubborn with our parents.

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I used to NOT make my bed in the morning before I had kids. I think that was back when I was working outside of the home, and I would need every last minute to sleep. I would bolt out of bed, shower, and get ready for work.
Welcome to the teen years I guess, huh?