How To Find Best Memorial Day Flight Deals

Memorial Day, is the American holiday that is responsible for remembering those killed in the war. The story goes back to the civil war and tries to be the most important reminder celebrated in the year of the soldiers who have served their country.

Memory Characteristics

  • The Memorial Day is commemorated in honor of the dead in the wars of Korea, Vietnam, and the two world wars.
  • Also remembered on May 31, those soldiers killed in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
  • In 1868 Commander Logan proposed May 30 as the date assigned to pay tribute to the victims fallen in combat.
  • In 1971 the last Monday of the month of May was declared a national holiday.
  • During this day, the American flag is hoisted at half-mast.

Beyond the emotional evocations that take place in the different North American states, it is a day of rest and relaxation that for many citizens translates into a mini-vacation that can be enjoyed inside or outside the country. Many take advantage of the coinciding arrival of good weather to go for a walk during the course of these days of the bridge.

Which Are the Chosen Places to Travel during the Duration of This Commemoration

The travel agency that is responsible for selling tour packages online, Orbitz, one of the most recognized worldwide, has located Las Vegas first and then Cancun as the most desirable destinations to visit during the Memorial Day Bridge.

He also stressed that Cancun is above Chicago, New York, San Diego, San Francisco or Miami in terms of predilections for American travelers. This agency offers $ 200 average nights during the days of this holiday. The celebrations within the country also include colorful parades that tourists can appreciate and share with the inhabitants.

Some Useful Recommendations to Keep In Mind

  • Book the stay and air tickets with time because during this date there is a lot of movement of people who move outside and inside the country
  • There are special offers for Memorial Day that are usually announced a few months before and even days at very affordable prices to visit the United States
  • Visit the monument of the Fallen Soldier and the Cemetery of Arlington are essential sites that are a fundamental part of the commemoration of Memorial Day