How to look fabulous during summer – Fashion Tips 

We try to make every year our most stylish year yet. Following the trends is exciting and we’re always trying to combine them with what we like in order to create our own, unique style. Everyone is different, not all of us are into the same stuff and not all of us are loving the same trends. However, there are some “rules,” if I can call them that, that everyone should follow in order to show off their best selves. Here’s a short list of tips that can help you feel and look fabulous this summer.

Buy something you’ll actually enjoy wearing

This one seems like it doesn’t even need to be on the list, but you’d be surprised how many of us keep buying the shirt that is too tight the dress that is too short, or shoes that are extremely uncomfortable. Actually, it’s probably not a surprise as I’m sure you own a piece of clothing like that. So, next time you go shopping when you find something that looks adorable, remember that you’re the one who’s supposed to wear it. If it doesn’t fit you perfectly, it’ll just be sitting in your closet. We all occasionally but something just because it looks good or cause it was a bargain. Besides looking good or being cheap, the clothes need to be cozy and fit your body.

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You don’t have to spend a lot of money to look stunning

There are numerous brands out there offering you clothes for very reasonable prices. There’s no need to spend 150 dollars or a pair of cute sandals when you can find them for $40. Also, you can shop smartly by using coupons like the ones you can find on When looking for new clothes, make sure you don’t already own something similar to that. Furthermore, you can always adapt your old clothes to your new style. That can save you money, time, and you’re saving the environment by not throwing away perfectly good clothes.

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Find your formula

Finding something that always looks good on you, like a dark pencil skirt, or high-waisted pants, is not a bad thing. There’s nothing wrong with sticking to something that you know can’t fail you. This will improve your self-esteem and you’ll always be comfortable. However, this doesn’t mean that you should never experiment, it’s just good to always have a go-to outfit when you need it. All celebrities have their style and uniform, something that they know they can count on to make them look as stunning as possible. For me, those are crop tops and wide-leg pants.

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Try new styles and new brands

Maybe you’ve found your secret formula already, but maybe there is something just as good or maybe even better out there. Don’t be afraid to experiment and occasionally choose something that is out of your comfort zone. Sometimes it will be a mistake, but sometimes you’ll find your new favorite piece of clothing.