How to Play Baccarat

by Anite Allesis

One of the most popular gambling games in the world of cards is Baccarat. Rumor has it that the game originated in Italy in the early 15th century, where it was played with Tarot cards. Later, in France, Baccarat became a very popular game in the aristocracy as a “chemin de fer.” To this day, it has traveled to many countries resulting in several variations, and you can play in casino NetBet.

The best known of all is the “punto banco” offered to the vast majority of casinos. Baccarat also spread to America through French settlers and dominated the country’s casinos. It became even more popular in 1962 due to the movie “Dr. No,” where the famous James Bond was a fan of the game.

Then you will learn how to play Baccarat, how to bet, and what anyone who wants to play this game needs to know.

How to play Baccarat


  • Baccarat begins with placing the bet, either on the “Player” side or on the “Banker” side.
  • The dealer will then deal two cards to the “Player” and another two to the “Banker.”
  • The winning side is the one with the sum of cards closer to 9.
  • Tens and figures count for zero points. All other cards count for the number of points, and the ace counts for 1 point.
  • If the total is more than 10, the final value is determined by the second digit, and we ignore the first.

Betting and Odds in Baccarat


The game of Baccarat has three possible possibilities:

  • To win the side of the “Player,” odds 1:1 in the bet
  • To win the side of “Banker,” odds of 0.95:1 in the bet
  • To draw, odds 8:1 in the bet

Bets are placed before the cards are dealt and can be in any of the three cases.

Baccarat has an upward trend in the preferences of players in live casinos, and not unjustly. This is one of the games with the smallest mathematical advantage for the casino:

  • In the bet in favor of the “Player,” the casino advantage is 1.2%
  • In the “Banker” bet, the casino advantage is 1.1%


The cards are dealt with alternately, with the first card going to the player, the second to the “Banker,” and so on.

The croupier announces the value of each side. For example, a 9-bit and a 6-bit have a sum of 15, which means that the value is five since, in sums over 10, the value is determined by the second digit.

When a third card is dealt with Baccarat

If either side has 8 or 9, the lot ends there, and there is no other opening. This is called a “natural win.”

The rules of the third “Player” card


  • If the “Player” is 6-7, no other card is opened for him.
  • If the “Player” has 0-5, he opens another card for him, unless the “Banker” has 8 or 9, in which case he automatically wins.

The rules of the third “Banker” card


If the “Player” does not get a third card, the “Banker” gets a third card if he has 0-5. With 6-7, he does not get another card.

If the “Player” gets a third card, the following rules apply to the “Banker”:

  • The third card of the “Player” is 9, 10, figure or ace: The “Banker” gets a third card if he has 0-3 and does not get with 4-7
  • The third card of the “Player” is 8: The “Banker” gets a third card if he has 0-2 and does not get with 3-7
  • The “Player” third card is 6-7: The “Banker” gets a third card if he has 0-6 and does not get a 7
  • The “Player” third card is 4-5: The “Banker” gets a third card if he has 0-5 and does not get 6-7
  • The “Player” third card is 2-3: The “Banker” gets a third card if he has 0-4 and does not get 5-7

When all the cards are dealt, each side’s final value is calculated, and the highest value wins. In the case of equal value on both sides, only the bets placed in the event of a tie are won.

Baccarat variations


American:  It is the most popular variant and the one that is played mainly in land or online casinos. The bets are three, on the player, on the tie, and on the banker. If the banker wins (more often), the casino receives a 5% commission on its winnings.

European:  The casino decides on the minimum and maximum betting limits for players. Bets are only allowed on the player or the banker; there is no tie option. The feature of this variant is that players can draw a third card or fold when the value in their hand is 5.

Chemin de Fer:  Made its appearance in the 15th century in France and is still played today. In semen de for the casino does not occur, as the game takes place between the players and the banker. Players can draw a third card whenever they want, without being restricted by any rule.

Baccarat Banque:  In this variant, only three decks are used, and three hands are dealt, two to players and one to a banker. The feature is that a player takes on a banker’s role, while the casino has no role, as in the Semen de Fer variant.

Conclusion: Luck is the protagonist

Baccarat is an easy game where luck mainly shapes the final result. Ideal for even the most beginner players of online casino games, since its rules are quite simple, without following any strategy.

But even if some people do not understand how the sum in Baccarat is calculated, the technology and the dealers are there to help them.

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