How to Quit an Addiction

by Anite Allesis

Drugs have become a part of lives for a long time. The advancements in technology have lead life to a new world where there are many disadvantages as well. If we analyze the statistics, we can see a drastic change in how the rise of drugs has taken place. People have made drugs apart of every occasion in their life. They consume it like food. Today, we will explore that how this journey starts. The journey of drugs is not instant in many cases. People start from a smaller step which is usually the consumption of cigarettes at the start. Later on, a time comes when a person consumes a lot of cigarette packs in one day. The body starts becoming used to such damage and demands something higher in intensity. The feeling and need to be high all-time forces the person to try something new. This is the point when an individual starts a journey that leads to addiction. He starts exploring options that are of high resistance. He starts exploring a lot of new drugs to be high all time. The effect of drugs is very strong which is like lust. It gives a lot of pleasure and happiness but all this pleasure is temporary. Choose an option for your life that is long-lasting. Drugs can give you temporary smoothness but once you’re addicted the game of pleasure is over and, the journey of suffering starts. The rate of drugs in Los Angeles is also tremendously increasing. Kids, young ones, adults, and even mature persons have made alcohol a part of their lives. Birthday parties, nightclub parties, or any other celebration is considered incomplete without alcohol. So, we have to find a way out of this situation. This pattern of life is not healthy at all. It can become a major cause for ruining upcoming generations. We have some responsibilities as a responsible citizen; we cannot afford to harm ourselves like this. We must bring positive changes in our society and do something optimistically productive for the entire nation. Don’t let your aims fly away like the smoke of drugs. For more information check it out.

Way out from drugs


If you’re the one who is suffering or you’re observing someone who needs help then do not waste time and, take a positive step that leads to treatment of the addict. Don’t let your friends or family suffer and, choose a way which can return contentment to their life. Here we can see the benefits of technological advancements that how we have a lot of options for the treatment. The techniques and apparatuses used for treatment are gifts of technology. The continuous monitoring of addicts without letting them know is one more important invention. So moving towards the treatment path, we have many options to choose from, but the first is detox treatment which plays a very important and crucial role while treatment goes on.

An approach towards Detox Treatment


When people think about treatment, they search about various programs but important is to know the objective of the detox center that you’re choosing for treatment. The main purpose should be to heal the body after the long time consumption of drugs and bring stability to the life of a person. The condition of the addict decides that if he requires an inpatient or outpatient treatment facility. If the condition is severe then inpatient treatment is highly preferred. It will not only treat physical illness, but also mental illness in a highly organized friendly treatment environment. People who are addicted to opioids and alcohol suffer from a painful withdrawal process but the 24/7 medical supervision ensures that patients will encounter safe withdrawal. Medical aid is highly needed for addicts who are consuming drugs for a very long time. Many people prefer treatment at home but there are few reasons that why detox should not be done at home.

  • Only medical experts know how to tackle withdrawal symptoms.
  • It is unsafe at home.
  • It often not works in every addict case.
  • Detox done professionally is long term, comfortable and safe.
  • If something went wrong, a patient can be in danger.
  • Un-supervision can make the process ineffective.

So, in short, it’s better to have medical and professional advice instead of doing your experiments on the life of an addicted person. Detoxification offers a variety of tools that are mandatory for the recovery process. It helps patients to escape their selves from fatal and unpleasant results. It heals the psychological state of the person and makes him a stable human. Suppose a person is addicted to heroin and he gets admitted to the center. When the effect of heroin vanishes, he will need a dose of heroin. After some hours, he will experience symptoms that can only be handled by effective support of medical and psychiatric medical staff. The symptoms include:

  • Yawning
  • Anger
  • Aggression
  • Pain in muscles
  • Red watery eyes
  • Anxiety
  • Excessive running of the nose
  • Restlessness

These symptoms are not dangerous in terms of life, but the uncomfortable state of the addict demands proper supervision. There are series of issues that patients suffer in the first few days.

Symptoms of withdrawal


  • Violent behavior:

When a patient craves the drug, he becomes violent. Especially the people who are addicted to bathe salts can even make their selves injured because of the need for the drug. Many patients even harm the medical staff that is present around them. That’s why inpatient treatment is preferable.

  • Psychosis:

This state is common when the patient is addicted to cocaine. Excessive use can make a person paranoid. The symptoms of this state are issues in vision, hallucinations, and auditory issues. The patient may suffer from a mental disorder like schizophrenia.

  • Medicinal illness:

Some people have chronic pains so they use painkillers that are made up of opioids. People often start depending on them and this dependency leads to addiction. The result is uncomfortable and severe symptoms of withdrawal. The medical history of the addict must be known to medical staff so they can design appropriate treatment.

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