How to Say “I Love You” with flowers

It is widely known that flowers are universal messengers of love. They often help with conveying feelings and extending your wishes when you do not know what to say. Even the most complex and difficult feelings can be expressed with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Whether it is your first of 40th anniversary that needs to be commemorated, nothing says “I love you” better than flowers. In this article, you will be able to read about the flowers that you can give to that special someone to show your love and fondness for them. Let’s take a look.

Flowers to give to your partner

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Tulips represent first love. The amazing feeling of saying “I love you” for the first time or the innocent romance of first love cannot be better expressed than with a wonderful bunch of tulips. The sweet fragrance and the colorful flowers celebrate the phase of first love while making your partner feel even more cherished and special.

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What can be better in expressing your love and devotion for someone than a rose bouquet? You can go for the classic choice of red roses that have a lovely fragrance and a vibrant color. Red represents passion, commitment, and love, which makes then a go-to choice for declaring love.

Peruvian Lilies
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The beautiful and elegant Peruvian Lilies are the symbol of love, devotion, and commitment to each other. You can add them to a lovely flower bouquet by, or combine them with a greeting card, soft toy, and chocolates for an extra effect.

Flowers to give to your family members and friends

Love does not always have to mean that it is a romantic one and it does not always have to be intimate. Some of the occasions that you can give flowers are for Mother’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries, retirement celebrations, and so on. All of these celebrations demand you to show love and appreciation, and for these events, you can choose the following flowers:

Yellow roses
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Yellow roses are symbols of admiration, respect, and friendship. If you want to convey your emotions, choose yellow roses for your family members or friends.

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Orchids are connected to selfless and sacred love between a mother and her child, which makes them perfect for Mother’s Day. Combine your gift with a personalized greeting card or a book, soft toy, chocolate box, or a seasonal gift basket in order to make the gift even more special.

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Irises are connected to the Virgin Mary and it translates to a rainbow, hence, they are perfect for expressing platonic and selfless love towards your friends or family members.


As you can see, there are various flower options that you can choose from. Keep in mind that you do not always need a reason to give someone flowers. You can make your partners, family member’s, or friend’s day better by simply gifting them a bouquet of flowers for no reason. It will certainly make them feel loved, appreciated, and thought of.