How To Style A Wig And Make It Look Natural? 

Styling is one of the most excruciatingly painful aspects when it comes to women’s fashion. From the clothes to the wig you choose, appropriately styling it goes a long way. The whole idea of wearing a wig is that you feel beautiful and confident. And frankly, no one likes to hear, “Is that wig?” from the neighborhood lady when you go out grocery shopping. As a result, here are some tips on how to style a wig and make it look natural.

Go with your budget plan, necessities, and taste, and afterward, use some little-known expert tips to get the most out of your investment. Wigs have different advantages for every lady. Therefore, you simply need to figure out how to use them to your potential benefit! Use these tips to make your hair wig look natural and put your best self forward.

Pick A Natural Wig That Fit Perfectly


Selecting a perfect wig is vital. If your wig is excessively tight, it can hurt your natural hair, scalp and cause you cerebral pains too. In actuality, if the wig is sick-fitting, it isn’t set up when you wear it. It is genuinely awkward and looks unnatural.

So how to wear a wig and make it look natural? Kindly measure your head size with the goal that you can pick an ideal wig. You can purchase a small, medium, or big size wig relying upon your measurements.

Also, you need to pick the wig style (straight, wavy, curly, long, or short hair) that suits you best. You know the decision to wear a wig must coordinate with your age and identity. If you are a working young lady, you may pick short hair on a deep wavy, curly surface. You can attempt short straight wigs and Bob wigs to make a short wig look natural.

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Get A Hair Trim


When you buy a wig, you can trim it if you are keen on styling wigs. If not, take the wig to your hair specialist, and they will cut and style the hairpiece for you. He/she can also manage the hair wig to suit your face shape.

How to trim a wig to make it look more natural? You can request that your hairdresser use a razor to cut in specific layers. Recall that you will be wearing the wig for a long time, so he/she understands what hairdo suits you best.

Having your hair trimmed will give you an exciting and modified look that outlines your face impeccably. What’s more, it can make your hairdo look beautiful yet natural.

Add Makeup To Make Wig Look Natural


Several individuals worry that the wig hair doesn’t blend well with their natural hair, making them look funny. So, what should you do to make the whole hairpiece look natural?

Using makeup powder on the wig line is an approach to make a wig look natural. To make your scalp blend with your wig, use setting powder or toner blush. You should use clear powder or something that resembles your skin tone to make the blending process go well.

How to put the powder into your wig?

Get your point brush and dunk it into a portion of the powder. Then, put your hand on one side of the wig and hold it down. Now, get your setting powder and apply it. You can stop when you think it looks natural enough and the tone on your wig blends with your scalp. You can also consider conjuring up some baby hair strands on the side of your scalp to make it appear more natural.

Consider Adding Accessories

You are allowed to style and adorn your wig. Interlace, braid or embellish your hair and use some lovely barrettes and ties to accessorize your hairdos. Make a ponytail and tie a scarf for a cute day out or consider making a high bun with your dress if you are going out on a date. Do not hesitate to accessorize your wig as you would do with your natural hair.

Placement Of Your Wig Makes All The Difference


Where you wear your wig will affect how natural it looks. If your wig is excessively far down on your temple, people will notice. So, where should you place it? First, you need to ensure your wig is the correct size. It is suggested to wear a nylon or cross-section cap under your wig to avoid your natural hair strands spoiling the whole look. It will hide your hair effectively and help any hair drop out under the wig. Your wig should lie directly on your natural hairline.

Presently, if you don’t have any hair and you’re attempting to sort out where your natural hairline would be, use the 90-degree point trick. Basically, hold one hand before your face facing up while the other hand will lay on top of your head. Contact the fingertips of the two hands together, making a 90-degree point. Right where your fingertips meet will be the place where your hairline is!

Pluck Some Hair From The Wig

Genuine question: who has the perfect part? In all actuality, regardless of how expertly you use a rot tail brush to section your hair, there will consistently be a strand or two strange. And, the philosophy extends to a wig too. However, it is precisely the moment where your tweezers will prove to be helpful. Pluck a couple (not a lot—you would prefer not to have bare patches!) strands of hair from the hairline of your wig for a more natural part.

Do Not Skip Glue


Plan to wear your wig for quite a while? If there’s a single way to tell that a wig is fake, it’s if it comes loose after you wear it for a long time. Many people might not know this, but yes, a wig can become loose if you wear it for extended hours.

To keep your wig from moving and having you experience any bald setbacks in a public event, apply wig glue along your hairline for a protected affair. If you are stressing that you will not be able to remove the wig entirely once the day ends, don’t worry; a wig glue is not permanent.


You can follow the tips mentioned above to make your wig hair look more natural. Never hesitate to wear a wig because you deserve to look beautiful, and nobody can take it away from you.