5 Tips and Tricks On How To Take Kratom

Once you’ve learned what Kratom is and what effects it has on the human body, it’s time to understand how you can consume it in the right way. The more information you gather, the better and more complete your experience will be. With proper use, you become more protected from the risk of negative aftereffects. Some people have learned various tricks on how to consume it through other people’s experiences on forums or have learned from their own mistakes. It’s all good and comes in handy, as you can simply pick from a bunch of diverse ways to take this herb as well as from tips on how to treat your body during consumption. Or, which is even more noteworthy, how to dose it in the right way.

Being informed from the right and reliable sources mean everything for enjoyers since everyone knows that overdosing in itself, as a fatal consequence, is always devastating.  And, if you have a look at the forums and websites that discuss this topic, some of the most frequently asked questions that users ask there are mostly: how do I determine the exact dose? In what form should I use it? How do I determine how much I need for a cup of tea?

Due to the different manifests of various types of immune systems in humans, there’s no universal answer to these questions, but you can certainly find some answers that might suit you and your body best. In any case, each of us needs a starting point at the beginning, so there are always some recommended guidelines that might be helpful.

We are leaving you with some tips, tricks, and guidelines that you can try.

1. Toss’n’Wash Method

Source: kratomtimes.com

The first, fastest, and simplest way to get the substance into the body and bloodstream. Due to the faster spread and uncomplicated consumption, a large number of people are supporters of this specific method. Simply measure the amount of powder, which you’ve previously established by researching and consulting with more experienced people, and then put the powder in your mouth and swallow.

The problem with this method is the powder marks that remain on the teeth and in the oral cavity. However, no worries, as they can be washed in a variety of ways – rinsing with grapefruit juice, chewing juicy foods such as oranges or apples, as well as eating olives which brings a toothbrush effect. To get rid of the bitter taste, you can eat a teaspoon of organic honey, as well.

2. Drink tea

Source: krakenkratom.com

This may make it a little tastier for you. The dry powder won’t stick to your mouth and you can join it to your morning or afternoon ritual.

First, it’s necessary to dry the plant, as you can’t use it while it’s fresh in this case. Take 50-60 grams, mash by hand, and put in a pot. Pour 1 liter of water. After that, when it reaches the boiling point, strain and save the filtered liquid, and boil the leaves with a new liter of water and repeat the procedure. Dispose of the leaves and cook all the liquid until the volume is reduced to 250 ml. The liquid will slowly turn into a syrup. At that point, the boil will be more aggressive, so make sure you have some protective gloves and an apron or stay away so you don’t get burned.

Tea can be drunk for the next five days. In the meantime, it’s advisable to store it in the refrigerator, and if it’s not drunk after the expiration of the mentioned period, just throw it away.

3. Kratom protein shake

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The protein shake method is the one that mothers use when they want to trick their children into something they don’t like to eat so that they don’t feel the taste. Remember that? If the taste is your problem in all this story, then this is the perfect way to consume the substance – you won’t feel it so strongly.

A shake will last longer than Toss’n’Wash, but probably shorter than drinking tea. Determine for yourself in which part of the day you have time for that and turn on the blender.

Moreover, why not use chocolate milk instead of regular milk and thus treat yourself to even better pleasure? Add the kratom powder to the blender and some desired protein source. Mix it all up and enjoy the perfect taste. The only thing is – don’t overdo it just because the taste isn’t strong.

4. Pills

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Consuming the pill doesn’t take much time around the preparations, it’s fast and you can almost not feel any taste because it immediately slips down your throat. It would be safest and best to encapsulate it by yourself. The only drawback of the homemade variant is the lower intensity, so it will require you to drink several at once – and that’s precisely why it’s probably the least recommended option.

You can also buy them, but in that case, you should be aware of the fact that there are many producers on the market who can sell you goods of very poor quality, mixed with various impurities. Luckily, when relying on online reviews or other people’s experiences, this might turn into an easy decision. This is why short reviews and recommendations on websites like kratomrack gain so much attention lately – everybody wants to know what they’re buying.

5. Smart dosing and lot of liquids

Source: 420highstreet.org

You mustn’t forget these points, which is why we highlight them as the last but most important tips. Researching the amount of dose of kratom that would work best for you is crucial. Without it, you risk your life and health and this thing should always be stuck in your head.

If you need a dose to relieve pain, depression, or anxiety, it should be minimal but there’s no universal minimum that applies to everyone. The recommended dose is between 4 and 12 grams once or twice a day. It’s best to start with the smallest number so if you realize that’s too much for you too, go even lower. If you don’t want to increase tolerance and prevent overdose, stay on the set amount.

Kratom can cause constipation, and then hemorrhoids and problems with the colon, so it’s advisable to take in as much fluid as possible during the period of consumption. This substance absorbs moisture from your body, so additional hydration is necessary.