How Whiplash Compensation Claim Amounts Work

If you have suffered whiplash from a recent car accident, we can help you understand how much compensation you really deserve. Compensation is there so it can help you get back in the same position you were before the accident so there is an amount of money repaid by the courts depending on the type of whiplash injury and also to cover any other out of pocket expenses.

We are going to help you recover all those hundreds of od thousands of dollars of compensation that you are entitled too if you have suffered from whiplash if you were in an accident that wasn’t your fault. We have put a simple and easy to read an article that can help you understand the simple terms in what may you be entitled if you suffer a whiplash injury.

What is a whiplash injury?

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Whiplash symptoms can vary in people depending on the circumstances in which the injury occurred. The most common whiplash symptoms include neck pain, headaches, opera or lower back pain, difficulty sleeping, dizziness, or even pain in the arms and legs.

These symptoms can appear after a few days of the accident.

What kind of compensation can I claim?

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Whiplash compensations ca ben broken down into two areas. General damages can be calculated based n the seriousness of the injury and the effect it can have on your life. Special damages can cover all your out of pocket expenses. The total of these two amounts makes up your total compensation amount.

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General damage amounts are determined by the JSB or Judicial Studies Board. Special damage amounts are made up of pocket expenses such as travel expenses, loss of earnings or bonus, cost of any treatment for prescriptions, household costs, hospital parking, and visits and help or care while you are recovering from the injury.

There can be other additional cuts as a result of your whiplash injury.

Average claim amount for a whiplash injury

Most whiplash injuries where there is mild discomfort such as headaches can last a few days or even weeks. These can settle on average between 15000 to 3000 dollars while severe whiplash with continuous symptoms and damage to the spine can get you as much as 100,000 US dollars. For more serious injuries the amounts can be much higher.

Should I claim for whiplash?

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You should never feel awkward or bad about claiming what is rightfully yours, despite what all the insurers and the media want you to believe. These companies are bound by regulation through the SRA which means that they do not pass any media to other companies.

Claim process

If you think that you have whiplash or any other related injuries after a serious car accident, the law states that you are entitled to financial compensation because of the suffering and pain you have experienced. Most lawyers will offer you a service with a no win no services if it is strictly a whiplash claim.