If you decide to bring flowers to the first date – Here is what you need to know

Have you met someone special, felt that instant connection, and are now preparing for your first date? Have you planned every aspect of the date night, like where you are going, but still want to give the girl something that she will appreciate, you just don’t know what? We have a proposition for you! A bouquet of thoughtfully chosen flowers will go a long way. In the following article, we are going to tell which flowers you should incorporate into the arrangement to convey the message you want.

The most obvious choice is the roses. No, you don’t have to purchase dozens of them, one will be enough. Since every rose of a different color has different symbolism, our recommendation for a first date is a simple red one. With one red rose, you will proclaim the affection and passion you feel for that special girl. The more the merrier does not apply in this case. A single flower will help you express your feeling and we can guarantee you that it will put a smile on her face.

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If your date is an elegant and sophisticated lady, maybe even a little bit reserved, then you should go with white lilies. Bouquet of white lilies will tell her that you admire her attitude, but also her interesting and unique qualities. Since white lilies stand for innocence and purity you will present the respect you have for her. You can opt for as many flowers as you want, and you can read more on how to design the perfect floral arrangement.

Furthermore, if you perceive your date as a cheerful and colorful person, orchids in vibrant colors are the best choice. If you think she is unique and different from all the others you have had the chance to meet, then you should opt for a potted orchid. Since they bloom and grow over a certain period of time, if you opt for a potted plant, the girl will have something to remind her of your outing for longer than just a couple of weeks.

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One of the alternatives to orchids is daisies. All girls want to feel special, but some of them prefer unconventional gifts even when it comes to flowers. Some expect a bouquet of roses, while others will be over the moon happy with an arrangement of daises. This flower symbolizes youthfulness and playfulness and is a great way to mark a new beginning. You can opt for white or an arrangement of colorful ones, either way, you will convey the message that you want to spend time with her and get to know her personality.

If you still aren’t sure which flowers to pick, then our advice is to go with a mixed bouquet. Ask the florists for help to create a perfect one. For example, a mix of roses and white lilies symbolizes both romantic and ideal love, or if you want to take her breath away, then you should choose the mix of colorful daisies, lilies, carnations, and prairie gentian.

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All in all, when considering the flowers for the first date it all comes down what you want to say to her. Not only does each flower convey a special message, but also every single color has a unique meaning. All you have to do is think carefully what type of feelings you want to declare, and ask a professional for the recommendation if you feel lost.