Supreme Court’s 5-judge Bench Announces the Ultimate Verdict Today: Women of All Cast and Age are now allowed in Kerala’s Sabarimala Temple!!!

The Supreme Court’s 5-judge bench finally pronounces the final judgment on Sabarimala Temple Case today at 10:30 am exact. For the last week, people were speculating so much as nobody was sure what verdict the Supreme Court will ultimately announce. Now, it’s clear the women of all casts and all ages will be allowed to enter in … Read more

Amazon To Invade Offline Food Retail Market In India

Amazon is the biggest online store delivering its products worldwide at the doorsteps of the people. In India after having an amazing online market, it has decided to invade the offline market. Amazon has its only competitor Flipkart in India. This rival keeps on giving a tough competition to the Amazon affecting its sales in … Read more