Internship in Asia? All You Need to Know

International internships are not only a great addition to your resume but are also a wonderful opportunity to experience living in a culture that is completely different from your own. Internships abroad enable you to gain practical experience in your field, at the same time granting you access to a global network of employers.

Recently, Asia has become one of the most popular destinations of choice when it comes to internships, thanks to their exponential economic growth in the world. Completing an internship in there will without a doubt be one of the most memorable and fulfilling moments in your career.

Here are some good things to know if you have decided to intern there.

How to find internships and how to apply?

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Essentially, the application process is the same as the one you would go through in your own country. To prove that your skills or qualifications are fit for the internship you are applying for you would have to submit your resume, a letter of motivation, references, and of course attend an interview if chosen.

One thing to keep in mind is that since you are applying for an internship abroad, you should include more information that goes past the usual education or work experience parts. If you’ve traveled a lot, done any volunteer work abroad, participated in multinational projects, or can speak multiple languages, you should highlight these experiences and show your adaptability to different cultures. 

Now, when it comes to looking for internships in Asia, there are a few different options you could try to find one that is suitable for you, though the best choices might be:

Searching online

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International Organizations offer many internships worldwide. You can find great internship opportunities on the company’s websites, so you can make a list of the organizations you would like to work for and simply fill out application forms online. Most recruitment managers firstly turn to their system when looking for possible candidates, so by entering their database, you will have a higher chance of receiving a call when the opportunity arises.

This option might be a bit time-consuming but is generally free. In this case, you should research the companies thoroughly and make sure they are legit. To get more information about internship opportunities and the process of applying, you can visit

Internship Placement Providers

These recruitment agencies will find you an internship based on your expertise and country of interest. This is a faster and safer way of finding international internships, but it will also cost you a certain amount of money.

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What are the benefits of interning in Asia?

Thanks to it’s growing economic power, you will have a chance to work in fields like technology, business, finance, marketing, healthcare, startups, and education, in countries like Japan, South Korea, China, Thailand, Singapore, and many more.

In countries like the Philippines and Indonesia, you will be able to find a position in tourism and hospitality, without even needing to speak the local language.

Working experience and business connections

You will be able to gain real-world experience through participating in team meetings, networking events, office activities, and especially by meeting new people. It is a great chance to make connections with other interns, investors, and CEOs.

Cultural experience and traveling

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Asian culture is exceptionally rich and deep across the entire continent, extending over 4000 years. You will have a chance to learn about a variety of lifestyles, cultures, and traditions, taste delicious local cuisine, and maybe even visit neighboring countries. If you intern for a longer period, you might learn the local language.

Without a doubt, completing an internship abroad is an invaluable journey, and why not experience it in a place that is completely different from anything you’ve seen before and that is so full of culture and history.