IPL 2019 Stats: A Tremendous Tournament of Unforgettable Gameplays

IPL 2019 has been a great tournament till date empowering the audience with miraculous entertainment. IPL 2019 Stats have been remarkable and there has been a tough battle in every department of IPL 2019.

Let us look at the IPL 2019 Stats table. 

Surprising IPL 2019 Ranking Table

IPL 2019 stats have been surprising and the team topping the charts is Kolkata Night Riders scoring 8 points(Net Run Rate +1.058) with total one defeat in IPL 2019 stats. Following this, the team scoring the best points on the IPL 2019 stats is Chennai SuperKings who have been winners of all time scoring 8 points with Net Run Rate of + 0.159 with one lose in total.

The lowest on the IPL 2019 stats table is the struggles of a single win, Royal Challengers with loosing all the 6 matches till date and scoring 0 points on the board.

From Least  to The Most IPL Stats

  • IPL Best Batsmen and the Orange Cap holder has been the consistent performer David Warner Scoring in Total of 349 runs in IPL 2019 tournament
  • The Player with Most Runs is the power hitter Jonny Bairstow scoring 114 not out hitting 33 fours and 10 sixes in the IPL 2019 Tournament
  • The Best Bowler of the IPL 2019 has been Kagiso Rabada with taking over 11 wickets in the Tournament.
  • IPL stats with Most no. of Sixes in the Tournament is been backed up by Andrew Russell from Kolkata Knight Riders scoring 22 sixes in the IPL 2019 Tournament
  • IPL player with maximum number of fours in the tournament is the master blaster Jonny Bairstow from SunRisers Hyderabad
  • The Best Batting Strike Rate is again backed up by the star Performer of IPL 2019 Andrew Russell, hitting a strike rate of 268.83 which creates an unbeaten history in IPL.

IPL 2019 Stats : Predictive Analysis

Well, the major prediction coming up for IPL 2019 winning team is a tie between KKR and CSK. KKR has brilliant players and strikers like Andrew Russell who can help KKR lift the IPL 2019 trophy.

The other prediction is for the all time Champions CSK lead by MS Dhoni was has been loved for consistency and amazing performance throughout the IPL tournament.

“Weather and IPL can change the conditions anytime for anyteam to lift the battle hardened trophy”

Today’s match is between The Champions KKR and all-time winners of IPL 2019 the Chennai SuperKings!!

Watch out for the adventure to happen…