Is Feminism Hype getting in India?

The word ‘Feminism’ is attracting most of the attention throughout India, especially on social media. When saying ‘attention’, it’s often the hatred from people that are upfront. Generally, feminism hype is shown via actress and various famous personalities.

Although feminism is in its basic terms means ‘the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes’, people somehow have mistook this idea for ascend of women over men. And with this begins the distortion of ideas, facts and improper hype of feminism.

Proper Vs Improper Feminism Hype

Proper Feminism Hype

When we say proper feminism hype, it’s when the majority of the population accept the idea of feminism in a way as it is (without distorting the facts) and promote it for the benefit of targeted people in the society. The ideas of feminism include achieving the political, economic, societal and personal equality of sexes. This means giving women their basic rights like the right to vote, education, to hold public office, to own property, earn fair wages, to have equal rights in marriage, protection against domestic and social violence to name a few. Some of these rights have been received by women in India which have changed their lifestyle tremendously.

Improper Feminism Hype

But instead of focusing on these above-mentioned rights to improve the quality of lifestyle for women, most of the time feminism is considered as a curse and bashed right, left and centre. This is where the improper feminism hype steps in and it has already spread across India thoroughly. Even the educated youth dissent the idea of equal rights for women.

It is not just the men that are degrading the quality of feminism, but women too. Some men think it as a way for women to overpower them and some women agree with them instead of being logical. With this thinking, lots of women disassociate themselves from the feminism ideology which is an absolute sad thing.

Also, with the proper education and jobs that the modern women of India have achieved, there is less tolerance for domestic violence and other tantrums (which is a good thing) that the women of previous generations lived with. Because of this many men and their families think modern women as some kind of demon and they get pretty uncomfortable with the idea of feminism.

Rays of hope not letting Feminism hype fade away

There are still many people who promote the idea of feminism and strive for a better lifestyle for Indian women. We cannot bring ideas of all such people here but check out some of the happening ways Indian celebrities promote feminism that might make you think it is here to stay!

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