Is my Injury Eligible for a Slip and Fall Public Liability Claim?

by Mitov Mitrovski

It is said that accidents happen every second, and many of these misfortunes are connected to slipping and falling. These types of misfortune can lead to a serious injury that can obstruct the life of the victim. In most cases, businesses violate the safety codes, and when they go unreported, more and more people can become victims. These accidents can lead to financial loss and disabilities, but not many people know if their injury is eligible for a public liability claim.

When you get in a misfortune like this, you need to act fast. To be able to take all the necessary steps, you need to know what you need to do, and here we will tell you more about that. Continue reading if you want to learn if you are eligible to file a claim and receive reimbursement.

Steps to take immediately


One thing that is always advised is to act as soon as you can. This is crucial because you can get the needed evidence and talk to the right people without letting things get lost in the whole mess.

If you have cuts or bruises, go to the emergency room right away. Sometimes, you may need to call an ambulance, and if you are alone, ask someone to stay with you until the ambulance arrives. In case if you are with your friends or relatives, they should document the scene. It is said that you should always use your smartphone to take images of the scene and record if there was a wet surface or another reason why you were involved in an accident. The surroundings can make or break your case, so you should always try to preserve the evidence. Contact the local authorities or tell people around you to do the same.

Even though slipping and falling in public are embarrassing, this is good for your case. The more witnesses you have, the better. These people can help you win your claim, and if you can, you should ask them about their name and number so you or your lawyer can contact them later on.

Last but not least, you have to note and remember all the expenses that come with the accident. This should cover anything from the transport to the ER, any bills you have to pay there, costs for the medicine you have to take, and in case you need to take days off from work, and lose money in that process, you should calculate that as well. Your attorney can help you out with this, and it is best if you keep any receipts you have.

What can I get reimbursed for?


The first thing you can get reimbursed for is the distress and the pain that was caused because of the incident. For this part, you are going to need the records from your GP or the ER that you visited right after your accident.

Another thing that you can get compensated for is the money you spent because of the accident. This covers the treatment, the emergency room costs, and any surgeries you had to undergo because of the accident. In case you need long-term therapy or treatment, you can sue and get compensated for all of those things.

In case you have to change your lifestyle because of the injury that you sustained; you can also get compensated for that. This covers any restrictions that will prevent you from continuing your life and the usual activities that you had before the accident. According to, when it comes to public liability claims, you can get compensated for the loss of amenity and any type of loss of income.

Talk to your lawyer about the compensation you can get depending on the type of accident you had, and the records you have to prove your case.

How do I know if I’m eligible?


When people have a public slip and fall accident, they try to forget about it as soon as possible because of the embarrassment they feel. The reality is, these types of accidents can be really serious, and you should file the proper claim so that other people don’t end up in the same situation as well.

Some of the accidents that are eligible for this type of claim include:

  • Accidents because of wet surface
  • Accidents in markets or shopping centers
  • Any accidents that happen in restaurants, public properties, schools, walkways, and public buildings
  • Negligence

The injury can occur because of faulty products, poor construction, debris, and anything else that a third-party might be responsible for.

Criteria for a successful case


To get reimbursed for your misfortune, there some criteria that you need to meet. The attorney you hire will help you out with this, but if you want to be extra careful, continue reading.

Every public company has to put a sign when they clean their space. Wet surfaces can lead to a lot of misfortunes, so in case you slipped if there was a wet space, you may have a good reason to get compensated. Think about who is to blame in this situation, and remember that you are the victim.

Experts suggest that you should always write down and remember the information about the third-party who is to blame in this case. If you don’t have their information, the local authorities will be able to provide that data.

If you want to have a successful case, you need to have hospitalization records. Always ask your general practitioner to give you a copy of your files and share that with your attorney. In case other private data is needed, the court can get those files with ease. Even if you didn’t sustain serious injuries, you need to get checked. In many cases, there can be a delay of the symptoms because of the adrenaline rushing through your body, so always contact your general practitioner after a misfortune.

These are the things you should know about public accidents and what you need to do to get compensated. Always choose a good lawyer that will help you every step of the process and have faith that you will win your case.

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