Is New World Dying Already?

A consistent player drops every month isn’t looking good for New World.

Many gamers were excited when Amazon Games announced their new MMO: New World. The game promised a unique experience, being able to build settlements and form alliances with other players. However, there is some speculation that the player base may be dropping off. To be fair, this is common with most games and MMOs after a few months. It is rare if an MMO continues to gain players months after its initial launch.

Before we jump into the question of whether the game is dead or dying, what exactly is New World?

What Is New World?


New World is a sandbox MMO from Amazon Games Studios. Players can build their own settlements and form alliances to survive the emergent threats that plague the world. The game was set to be released in May 2020, but it got delayed to August 2023. New World was finally released on September 9, 2023, for Microsoft Windows. Needless to say, the development has been kind of rocky.

The supernatural island of Aeternum is the main location of the MMO: New World. Amongst the island’s wilderness and ruins, you’ll find endless chances to fight, forage, and create. You can use devastating spells or wield deadly weapons in a real-time combat system. Much like other MMOs, you can stick to PvE or face other players in PvP.

Amazon Games’ New World has a great housing system. Using New World gold players can build their own homes with dozens of different furniture pieces and decorations to choose from. You can also invite your friends over to show off your new digs.

New World gold are very important as they are the best way to repair your weapons, upgrade gear, buy houses, and pay taxes (Yup, housing and land taxes. Lovely!). Either way, whatever you want to do in New World will require coins. Luckily there are plenty of players willing to sell and buy New World gold If you need a little extra it may be something to think about.

If combat is more your thing, then don’t worry New World has many quests to complete with your friends or alone. With plenty of weapons to master like swords, hammers, guns, and axes. Players can also master magical staves to wield deadly spells. The choice is yours.

Alright, enough about what New World is and more about the population.

Is New World Dying?


One of the biggest questions about New World is if the game is dying. The more popular question that we see in the gaming community stems from the player count. “Is New World losing players?” First and foremost, let us say this: There isn’t a single way to tell if a game is truly dying or not. However, there are some factors that could help determine its longevity in one form or another. We’ll go over some of these factors below as well as give you an overall look at how many people are actually playing New World!

Now, we’ll be upfront with you: The player base of New World is constantly changing. It ebbs and flows as new players come in and others leave for one reason or another. As a result, it’s tough to get an accurate reading on the game’s health at any given time. That said, there are some indications that can help give us a ballpark figure as to whether things are looking up or down for New World!

One indication that the game may not be doing so well is the number of people who are talking about it. Now, this isn’t to say that if there’s a low buzz then the game must be dying – but it could suggest that people have lost interest in it. A quick look at Google Trends shows that the game has had a generally downward trend since it peaked in mid-2018. This is saying something considering this the same year Amazon announced they were making an MMO.


Another factor we can consider is how many people are actually playing New World. Unfortunately, there’s no perfect way to measure this – but we can get a decent estimate by looking at how many people are active at any time during the day. At least from one platform. Based on Steam Charts, the player base has been steadily declining every month.

Another way to check the game’s interest, however slightly unreliable, is looking at Twitch. New World is barely breaking 3K viewers and most big streamers have stopped streaming the game and gone to something else. Again, this isn’t the greatest indication, but it is still a way to measure a game’s popularity.

In the end, it’s tough to say whether or not New World is dying. However, from what we can tell it doesn’t seem like things are looking up for the game right now. A lot of people are quitting due to bugs and very little endgame content.


In short, New World’s player base is slowly declining every month, but only time will tell if the game is truly dying. The game could see a resurgence of players once a big content update drops. It has happened to other games before, no reason it can’t happen here. If things start to get real bad, it may go free-to-play. (I’m not saying it is, it’s just a possibility.) It may gain more players, and you could create a New World account and try it for yourself. What are your thoughts on the player base, do you think New World is dying?

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