How iSandBOX helps Treat Children with Autism

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is characterized by several features, including sensory sensitivity. Children, whether they are neurotypical or neurodivergent, develop motor, fine motor, and social interaction through environmental interactions and games. Play activities allow children to interact with different textures.

iSandBOX is a revolutionary system that unites traditional sand play with augmented reality. It is widely used for work with children suffering from autism spectrum disorders. Let’s take a look at how effective this technique is;

Features of Augmented Reality Sandbox

iSandBOX is an interactive sandbox that can be worked into the curriculum of nurseries and schools as well as being suited to most sensory applications. It is an excellent tool for expressing creativity and serves as a visual acquaintance with the outside world and the geographical relief of an area. With the help of an interactive sandbox, you can create fields, mountains, oceans, and volcanoes, and see how they come alive.

However, the interactive sandbox is an exciting device not only for secondary schools and preschool educational institutions. It is also an excellent therapeutic tool for specialized schools. Sand therapy has been practiced for a long time, but with the advent of iSandBOX, it has reached a new level.

How exactly iSandBOX helps children with autism?

Sensory play can be very effective in the development of children with autism. The principles of sand therapy were proposed by the famous Swiss psychiatrist and psychotherapist Carl Gustave Jung and first applied in 1929 by pediatrician Margaret Lowenfield.

Sand play is a natural activity for a child. But integrating modern computer technology with traditional sand play allows to engage children who are living in “their” world, and helps them to be creative and to learn in a controlled environment. Children with autism enjoy working with technology because they can connect and control the stimulation they receive.

The innovative product goes one step further, which allows children to play and learn in a smart environment. iSandbox’s structure keeps children focused and prevents them from completely isolating themselves. Without the sound feature, iSandbox focuses on touch and vision stimulation only.

It allows the play therapist to calmly guide the child through play while developing their ability to sustain sensory stimuli as well as work on communication and learning.

With the help of a qualified teacher and psychologist, children:

  • learn to concentrate;
  • develop fine motor skills, cognitive abilities, and communication skills;
  • improve sensory and visual perception;
  • learn to manage their emotions.

Depending on the age and condition of the child, an individual program for each student is developed. Classes can be adapted to different ages and conditions thanks to the wide range of iSandBOX learning and playing scenarios.

The interactive sandbox can be a valuable tool in the hands of an experienced professional. This helps to enter the world of a special child care and to help him to reach his potential. Children are eager to explore and discover new things, and they are great at it.


Where can you buy it?

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