Issues with the present generation teenage girls

The present generation teenage girls are blooming in some weird possible ways. From early dating to way too much dependency on technology, addiction to smartphones and what not, this generation teenage girls have caught up in all kinds of strange mess. Read on to know about their lifestyle and silly issues they are bent on.

Adult Dressing

Gone are the days of kids dressing. The teenage girls are now directly shifting to adult dressing with shortest of the shorts, tube tops, crop tops, short and glamorous frocks and more. There is absolutely no issue of them wearing adult dresses once reached a proper age of 18. But presently, even 12 or 13 aged girls are showing their skin way too much and way too often at this tender age.

Selfie Obsessed

The teenage girls are not only dressing up like adults but also clicking their selfies to post them online way too often. They don’t care where they are- at school gathering, or having dinner with family, or at the edge of the mountain- all these teenage girls care about is clicking some happening selfies to show them off to their friends.

Awkward Relationships

No much value is left in this department. The change of relationship status online is directly proportional to the number of boyfriends changed offline. Some of the popular teenage girls go on to change boyfriends on weekly basis. This all seems so messed up and fake. All these things are done to grab attention on social media.

Addiction to Smartphone

Most of the teenage girls can be seen drooling over their smartphones all day long and nights included. Be it clicking selfies, or editing pictures, watching videos, playing games, chatting on various messenger platforms, dwelling on social media and what not. You can find them glued to their phones to the extent their parents are forced to snatch it from them.

Obsession with looking good

Apart from dressing like an adult, teenage girls also wear makeup, imitating adults. They are so obsessed with looking good, they end up wearing too much makeup which ultimately makes them look like an adult in their20s. Not even a pimple is visible on the face of today’s generation’s teenage girls. This obsession is again for selfies, social media, boyfriends, to be that “popular girl” and so.

While some of these issues seem silly some other come from deep-rooted self-acceptance issue. Parents should try and notice the changes in their kids and help them accordingly.

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