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The Journey of Ranveer Singh Bhavnani to the Gully Boy

Recently, we saw the amazingly talented Ranveer Singh aka as “Bollywood’s Ultimate Powerhouse” breaking down on the sets of Super Dancer Chapter 3. All credit goes to an amazing dedication presented by the Gaurav and his super guru Amardeep Singh Nath. They depicted the struggled life of Ranveer Singh through robotic dance form. Amardeep showed the Ranveer Singh Bhavnani became the Powerhouse of Bollywood.

The TV Baby

In an interview with the UTV, Ranveer revealed that he was a “TV baby” and always wanted to become an actor by profession. “Films just fascinated the hell out of me” he said. He schooled at H.R. College of Commerce and Economics, Mumbai and used to be a copywriter in advertising agencies. Following school, he went to the United States where he earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Indiana University, Bloomington.

Highlights of the Act

There were a lot of dialogues which couldn’t stop Ranveer’s tears. The act portrayed how he worked whole-heartedly to get a break. He used to work as a spot boy, working as a crew member of the production or unloading the materials for theatre plays. He even used to steal the numbers of various movie makers just to get a break.  

The act outlined the narrated the life of Ranveer Singh in a very unique manner. Every step an every word was rightly choreographed which were depicting Ranveer’s story. The most heart touching line was how his father gave up their house and car and travelled via bus just to fulfil his son’s dream.  

“Papa mai bhi actor banna chahta hu”

“Aur phir kya tha. Apne bacche ka sapna pura karne ke liye unhone apna bada makan aur gadi bech kar khud bus se safar karna shuru kar diya.”

Finally in 2010 he got his debut movie Band Baja Baaraat, which was a Yash Raj Films. After this he never loved back. He gave amazing hits like Ladies Vs Ricky Bhel, Gundee, Lootera, Ram Leela, Bajorao Mastani, Padmaavat, Simbba, etc.  

Acknowledgment by Ranveer

The act was special in its own way depicting the love and affection between Ranveer Singh and his father was something we still can’t get over it. As the act came to an end it left the audience awestruck that he is such an amazing person and ground to earth that he is been the same though out these 9 years.

The act not only made Ranveer emotional but speechless. Alia and Ranveer were on the show for the promotion of their new release Gully Boy. Seeing Ranveer go speechless, Alia and Geeta also couldn’t stop their tears.

This was the very first time we all saw the Gully Boy cry and go speechless. The audience themselves went speechless. His only comments were

“ I never thought that I will come in a dance show like this and my life story will be depicted in a dancing act. Little bit taken by surprise. But one of the most touching things one has ever done for me. Thanks!!”

Ranveer Singh is now living the most amamzing phase of his life with all the stardom and being the better-half of the amazing gorgeous Deepika Padukone. His last two movies were loved by the audience. He got the Best Actor Award for Padmaavat, which was appreciated by the film fraternity.

Now the audiences are all waiting for the Gully Boy which is going to release on 14th February 2019.

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