Kapil Sharma And His Not-So-Funny Remarks

After a troubled period, Kapil Sharma is back with his comedy show, The Kapil Sharma show. He is also back in news again, for all the wrong reasons.

Kapil Sharma is often seen making fun of everyone. Be it the guests that attend the show, the audience, and even Navjot Singh Siddu. Sometimes what he considers as a joke turns into derogatory remark for others. This is very much true in case of his jokes (derogatory remarks) towards women. Read on to know more about his latest mistake and series of his past insensitive jokes towards women.

“Italian Pasta with White sauce”

Among the latest guests of Kapil Sharma show was Sunny Leone, who was there to promote her new song. During the show, Kapil kept making numerous comments on her beauty without caring much for her work. He also called Sunny “Italian Pasta with White sauce” which has irked many of the audiences.

Sexist Remark on Priyanka Chopra

This tale goes back a few years when Priyanka Chopra and Kapil Sharma were supposed to rehearse for an award show. Apparently, the actress arrived late that day for her rehearsal and Kapil couldn’t just wait it out and made a very typical sexist comment. According to some reliable sources he said “Ladies logon ka yehi problem hai, madam abhi tak tayaar nahin hain.

Insensitive Remarks on Pregnant Women

During his show, few years back, Kapil Sharma had gone on to make a joke on pregnant women and the state of roads in India. He said that the condition of Indian roads is so poor and filled with potholes that pregnant women will end up delivering babies while driving on these roads. He even received show cause notice from Maharashtra State Commission for Women.

These are just the few examples of his insensitivity towards serious matters. Kapil recently got married and is just back with the show after some troubled period. Let’s hope he doesn’t keep repeating his past mistakes, especially the derogatory remarks towards women that might land him in trouble again.

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