Gin-Tonic Can Help Remedy Kidney Stones, Kidney Disease and Strengthen Urinary Tract against Infection

Gin health benefits

The gin tonic benefits for our health have been known since the mid-seventeenth century, thanks to a Dutch physician, who sought to remedy diseases related to blood circulation and kidney diseases through the properties of juniper berries that were rich in potassium in addition to diuretics. This research resulted in the invention of gin, which …

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Fatigue Can Be Early Sign Of Kidney Failure and Kidney Disease

Sign Of Kidney Failure and Kidney Disease

Once a person is familiarize with Kidney Disease Symptoms is easier to take all the necessary steps to avoid these increasingly frequent disease. The biggest trouble is that people tend to ignore or unrecognized due to lack of information or merely ignorance of the disease. To help and establish which are those symptoms, here a …

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