Top Kitchen Appliances for 2023

Having the perfect kitchen is truly an enjoyable thing, especially if you are someone who loves spending time “crafting” the perfect meals for you and your loved ones. However, a new layout or re-painted walls is not always enough to completely transform the kitchen. As people like to say, beauty is on the inside, and in this case, the inside means kitchen appliances.

There are tons of different devices, sets, tools, and whatnot that you can purchase for the kitchen in order to enhance your cooking experience and the quality of your meals. But, if you are a beginner or someone recently entering the amazing world of modern cooking, things can get a bit overwhelming. Thankfully, we’re here to help you out. Get the latest reviews, ratings, and buying advice from WeReview on kitchen appliances.

In today’s article, we’re listing the top kitchen appliances for 2023, so if you are looking to learn more, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s take a look.

A touchless soap dispenser – Umbra – $35.00


The requirement for soap in the kitchen is something that everybody is familiar with. We often touch things that get our hands messy and before we touch the stove or another kitchen appliance we need to wash our hands. Well, things start to get really messy if we need to touch the soap dispenser too because then you basically did nothing besides washing one thing and messing up something else. Thankfully, touchless soap dispensers are here to make our lives easier. They are so easy to use and they go for as low as $35 dollars. It’s now all of a sudden possible to do multiple different things in your kitchen without getting complaints from everyone else in the house because you touched something with dirty hands. You never really know how good they are until you get one. Thank us later.

An Instant Pot controllable by Wi-Fi – Instant Pot – $149.00


You really know technology came a long way when we’re out here controlling pots with a wireless internet connection. Smart pots are really the future in the cooking industry and this one can be controlled by Wi-Fi, meaning you can turn it on or off, change the temperature, and a lot more even when you are not home. Let’s say you are busy working and focus is your number one priority, but you also want to cook a delicious and nutritious lunch for yourself. You no longer have to stand up and go into the kitchen every ten minutes. Maneuver by using your phone, it’s as easy as that.

Don’t know which instant pot to choose, or a water dispenser or a coffee maker? No worries, you can learn a lot from professionally-written reviews. is one website where you can find it.

A Power-Juicer or any other Smoothie-Making Machine – ~$200


Healthy smoothies became really, really popular back in 2023, but the trend will only keep rising in 2023. One of the best ways to consume something really nutritious in a very quick manner is by blending a bunch of things in a smoothie. You don’t have to spend a lot of time making all sorts of fancy meals when you can just down one protein shake and be on your way. A solid smoothie-maker will be able to handle all sorts of edibles. You can create your own formula for the perfect nutritious smoothie or you can take something from the internet and modify it. Nuts, bananas, protein powder, veggies, carrots, or anything else that your body needs can be blended into a healthy drink in just a few seconds.

A smart Wi-Fi Controlled Air Fryer – Cosori – $119.99


If you want to consume fried food but you really care about your health, this is the best way to do it, air fryers care about your health. Food still remains crispy and delicious but it isn’t deep fried and with tons of oil in it, meaning you can enjoy a great meal without sacrificing your health. Unfortunately, traditional frying is really bad for you, but most people don’t realize it. This air fryer from COSORI costs about a hundred dollars which are really, really cheap for such a useful appliance. It

Two-Slice High-Speed Toaster – Revolution Cooking – $274.99


A few toasts prepared in your favorite way is the best option for starting your day off. However, most toasters are either slow or outdated in terms of technology and what they can do. Thankfully, we have modern ones that have so many different functions, and most importantly, they don’t burn the bread and make the entire meal not-so-enjoyable for you. This particular model that we recommend is not the cheapest toaster you can find on the market, let’s be real here, but it is indeed a high-speed model and it’s very efficient in what it does. For more info, you can always check revolution cooking’s website and their products but you can also pick another brand if this one doesn’t cut it for you.

A modern Wi-Fi Smart Fridge with temp indicator – ~$400-1000


Do you want to know exactly how cold it is inside your freezer without having to open it? It is possible with smart freezers. You can also control their temperature with the use of a smartphone and that’s pretty cool. Fridges are not really cheap but they last for a very long time, and most reputable brands offer five years warranties for them, and some offer even longer warranties in which refund policies are included as well, in case the product doesn’t perform as intended.


It’s not easy to find the right kitchen appliances that will help you become better at preparing meals. There are a lot of things being offered on the market and a person can only wonder whether they’re making the right choice with their purchase or not.

It takes quite a lot of time to research this, but that’s why we’re here to help. In this article you can find the top kitchen appliances for you in 2023, so feel free to give them a try and we’re pretty sure your overall cooking experience will drastically improve. These top little things make everything in the kitchen so much easier. Thank you for reading and we’ll see you in the next one.