Kitchen Makeover ─ A Guide to Modern Home Improvements

As the heart of the home where family and friends gather, your kitchen deserves some love and attention when it gets outdated. Revitalizing this high-traffic space boosts functionality for cooking and entertaining while increasing home value.

This guide covers the latest trends and innovations for cabinets, countertops, appliances and more when taking your kitchen into the 21st century.


When planning your kitchen refresh, cabinetry provides the underlying framework both functionally and visually. Take time to evaluate your existing cabinet boxes, doors, and drawers. For budget-friendly updates, a fresh coat of paint, re-staining or refacing by adding new veneer-like doors helps preserve underlying boxes while providing the facelift you desire.

Painted finishes should utilize cabinet-grade formulations which better adhere to surface materials and resist chipping over time. Contemporary kitchens also feature clean-lined Shaker, slab inset, or white lacquer finishes for a sleek modern look. Soft-close hinges prevent slamming and integrated wire inserts allow for ease in plugging in small appliances right where needed.



Nothing makes a bolder impact update than replacement countertops when revamping your kitchen. The good folk at Bedrock Quartz recommend natural stone like marble countertops which add high-end veining and polish to create an upscale appearance.

Beyond nature’s offerings, today’s engineered solid surfaces like quartz or recycled glass/concrete composites prove very durable and scratch-resistant. Thanks to technology that embeds particulates and coloring, these materials now mimic the look of marble, granite, and other premium materials but with added benefits like antimicrobial properties.


Don’t underestimate how new lighting can lift a dated kitchen into the modern era. Swapping out old, dated fluorescents for energy-efficient LEDS can make a significant visible difference.

Layer in accent lighting through track, rail, or puck lights to highlight display zones or sufficiently illuminate workspace countertops where needed. Ambient lighting options like pendant fixtures dangling above kitchen islands or LED lighting embedded into toe kicks lend contemporary flair while meeting functional task needs.

Controls ranging from dimmers, motion sensors and Wi-Fi-based systems afford ultimate adaptability in setting the desired light scene.


Along with dated cabinets and countertops begging for replacement, worn laminate, cracked tile or shabby carpet also screams for replacement when upgrading your tired kitchen. Waterproof luxury vinyl plank offers today’s most affordable kitchen flooring solution resembling wood or tile aesthetics.

For those seeking an industrial modern loft-like look, polished concrete floors have become popular along with sleek large format porcelain tiles. Should your remodel budget allow, classic white or glass mixed multicolored mosaics make a lovely vintage-inspired yet updated statement.

Appliances and Technology


The latest appliances and technology provide the interactive fun factor when reinventing your kitchen. Start by assessing which major appliances need upgrading or add optional built-in specialty gear like expresso machines or wine coolers.

While stainless steel still dominates today’s kitchens, panel-ready models now exist to blend discreetly into surrounding cabinetry for a seamless customized look. Front and center, dramatic pro-style ranges deserve attention with commercial aesthetics and restaurant capabilities through multiple ovens, griddles, and cooktop configurations.

Wi-Fi enabled appliances to allow remote monitoring, troubleshooting, and diagnosis plus voice-command integration through home automation systems.

Smart Kitchens

Expanding beyond appliances, whole home networks, and entertainment systems now integrate within the kitchen too. Tablets built into cabinetry or mounted on refrigerator doors equip recipes, inventory management, and many other informational capabilities. Streaming music, internet searches, and television viewing also find convenient positioning for enjoyable meal prep.


Revamping an outdated kitchen both enhances enjoyment of the space and adds value to your home. From structural changes like layout modifications to cosmetic fixes such as cabinet refacing and LED lighting, embody what matters for your household activities and lifestyle.