Kolkata Weather is Seeing the Longest Winter in Decades

by Antra sah

The city of joy is experiencing one of the coldest and prolonged winter this year. The pleasant Kolkata winter is still distributing pleasantries in the month of March. The average low for Kolkata weather in March is 21°C, yet the city witnessed an unusual plunge to 15.5°C on 2nd March.

Arctic blast responsible for Kolkata weather

Though the Kolkata weather is behaving strange, winter will not lasts long. The reason being the most important environmental issue- global warming. Yet, the inhabitants of Kolkata are enjoying the cool breeze and comfortable nights with rainfall and hailstorms in between.

Well, meteorologists have an explanation. They have claimed that the arctic blast, a polar vortex, is responsible.  This is a phenomenon of low pressure in the North Pole, which results in the formation of cyclone. Several snow storms has been raging across the US and UK with steep fall in the temperatures.

How long will it last?

The frequent spell of winter showers in Kolkata is also because of the western disturbances. Hailstorms and rainfalls in the month of February and March are equally responsible for the declining Kolkata temperature. The Kolkata weather is set to stay like this over the next couple of days, a little too much to enjoy Khichuri and Pakodas, until it takes turn towards the abhorred sultry summers.

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