Kroger Weekly Ads, Flyers and Deals

If you are trying to cut down on your weekly expenses, then look no further than Kroger, and its Weekly Ads Flyers to help you save a lot of money on grocery shopping.

We are talking about one of the largest supermarket chains in the Country with a solid and long-standing career headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio.

All that long history translate into experienced and a guarantee satisfaction amongst its customers. They offer incredible deals on products available not only in their stores but also online through their weekly ads flyers. Kroger has another two store chains which are Ralph’s and Fry’s as well as many other supermarkets across the country, making Kroger the third largest retailer in the World.

Their Weekly Ads offer discounts on groceries, fresh produce, snacks, pharmacy, pet products, beverages, meat, deli, bakery, household, organic food, outdoors, and health and beauty items, as you can see, this is one place where you can find everything your home will need to keep it fully stocked with the essential items you and your family need.

And the best part is that most of them enjoy the benefits of Kroger’s discounts and coupons, which you can easily find in their weekly ads.

They offer several ways to help you save money, but the most popular ones are 10/$10 they are included in their weekly ads where you can see which items are at $1 and if you happen to have a Kroger Card then you don’t need to purchase all ten items to get the discount, you can choose the ones you want at $1.

Then they have their other famous offer, “Buy one get one” this is most likely the one they have been featuring the most in their weekly ads through the years, they offer a selection of items for which you’ll be buying an x amount of them to save an x amount of $.


Kroger also accepts all sorts of coupons which you can even match and add to reduce even more the cost of your shopping cart.


This is truly an excellent store to save a lot of money on groceries thanks to their informative weekly ads flyers.