Ladies with Lanterns can Save Thousands During this Pandemic, Apply for B.Sc Nursing

by Heather Cummins

One of the most trusted professions in India is that of nursing. The foundations of nursing that are being practised all over the world were pioneered by Florence Nightingale, in the history of nursing. She is known as “the lady with the lamp” for the nursing concepts she had adopted during a medical emergency situation that arose with the Crimean War. Soldiers were being subjected to unsanitary and inhumane conditions during the war. Several of them were losing their lives, and she saved them with nursing. 

Today, the COVID-19 pandemic has taken over the world and paved the way for a new way of life. Cleanliness, hygiene, and social distancing have become the order of the day. Hospitals are met with an increasing number of new cases every day. This situation demands a very strong and large health care force. You can be ladies with lanterns and save thousands of lives during this pandemic by applying for BSc Nursing. Read more about BSc Nursing.

How can B.Sc Nursing save lives during this pandemic?

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Florence Nightingale reduced the death rates in the hospital by two-thirds when she was called to help health care forces during the Crimean War. She proposed effective concepts of nursing and saved many lives during those challenging times. 

If you apply for B.Sc Nursing, you can implement the following concepts of Florence Nightingale to reduce the risk of losing lives during today’s COVID-19 outbreak – 

  1. Infection control – Sanitize your whole hospital from top to bottom and maintain good hygiene. Ensure that the linens given to patients are clean. This would prevent coronavirus from spreading. 
  2. Self-care – Urge patients to do things for themselves so that their level of healing is enhanced. The least infirm patients could also be asked to contribute towards cleanliness. 
  3. Assessment – Making rounds at night to check on the health status of each patient forms the core of nursing. All nursing actions are based on these nursing assessments. Florence Nightingale would do her assessments at night, carrying a lamp in her hand, and this is why the soldiers used to call her “the lady with the lamp”. 
  4. Therapeutic communication – Talk to the patients during your rounds and offer empathy and compassion for their situation of isolation and despair. 
  5. Spiritual nursing – COVID-19 has taken the lives of many people. As a nurse, you can offer comfort to terminal patients in their last hours by ministering to them. 
  6. Public health advocacy – Advocate for public health and hygiene by releasing an analysis of this serious situation. If you apply for B.Sc Nursing, you will even be able to propose reforms to the health care policy. 

Current Situation of B.Sc Nursing 

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Indian health care authorities are considering taking final year B.Sc Nursing students to join the fight against COVID-19. They can help in strengthening the health care workforce and provide a cover of protection for older doctors who are themselves at the risk of easily contracting the infection. B.Sc Nursing students can obtain adequate training to nursing patients effectively and professionally. 

This development came about after the experts of the health care sector suggested an all-hands-on-deck approach to battle COVID-19 and safeguard the health of ageing doctors. B.Sc Nursing graduates have been freed from all elective procedures to deal with this situation full-time. Several of them have been diverted from their hospitals to COVID-19 relief centres.    

Training Resources for B.Sc Nursing Students 

The Government of India has issued a notification to train final year B.Sc Nursing students through AIIMS, New Delhi. 

The training module comprises of the following topics – 

  • Topic – Epidemiology, clinical features and diagnosis of COVID-19
    • Faculty –  Dr Kamlesh Sharma
  • Topic – Infection, Prevention & Control Practices for SARS-CoV 2 (Isolation & Barrier Nursing)
    • Faculty – Dr Poonam Joshi
  • Topic – PPE
    • Faculty – Ms Jacinta Gunjiyal
  • Topic – Nursing Management of Patients with COVID-19
    • Faculty – Ms Rimple Sharma
  • Topic – Nursing Management of Patients with COVID-19: ARDS and Septic Shock
    • Faculty – Ms Ujjwal Dahiya  
  • Topic – Caring precautions for patients in Mechanical Ventilator
    • Faculty – Dr M Srinivasan
  • Topic – Handling specific concerns related to COVID-19 Unit
    • Faculty –  Ms Sibi Riju
  • Topic – Myth Buster: COVID-19
    • Faculty – Ms Aditi Sinha
  • Topic – Health education related to COVID-19 (Role Play)
    • Faculty – Dr Shashi Mawar
  • Topic – Coping and stress management during COVID-19 outbreak
    • Faculty –  Dr Deepika C Khakha
  • Topic –  Precautions and care of the dead body with COVID-19
    • Faculty – Dr Pragya Pathak
  •  Topic – Psychological care of Patient with COVID-19
    •  Faculty – Dr Sandhya Gupta
  •  Topic – Legal Aspects related to COVID-19 for nurses responsibility
    •  Faculty – Dr Y Surbala Devi
  •  Topic – Care of Health Team Members (Prophylaxis-Quarantine-Self Care Issues)
    •  Faculty – Dr L. Gopi Chandran

Best B.Sc Nursing Colleges in India 

For those of you who want to help combat the COVID-19 situation or any other similar situation in the future, you can apply to the best B.Sc Nursing colleges in India. 

Christian Medical College 

bangalore commerce college

  • Location – Vellore, Tamil Nadu
  • Ownership – Private
  • NIRF Medical Rank – 3
  • Mode of Admission – Entrance-based 
  • Course Duration – 4 years
  • ELIGIBILITY –  10 + 2
  • Approximate Total fees per year – ₹23,255

Institute of Medical Sciences, Banaras Hindu University 

  • Location – Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh 
  • Ownership – Central  
  • NIRF Medical Rank – 6
  • Mode of Admission – Entrance-based 
  • Course Name – B.Sc Nursing 
  • Course Duration – 4 years 
  •  ELIGIBILITY –  10 + 2
  • Approximate Total fees per year –  ₹11,140

Sri Ramachandra University 

  • Location – Chennai, Tamil Nadu
  • Ownership – Private  
  • NIRF Medical Rank – 11
  • Mode of Admission – Merit-based 
  • Course Name – B.Sc Nursing 
  • Course Duration – 4 years 
  •  ELIGIBILITY – 10 + 2
  • Approximate TOTAL FEES – ₹4,00,000

SRM Institute 

  • Location – Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu
  • Ownership – Private  
  • NIRF Medical Rank – 22
  • Mode of Admission – Entrance-based 
  • Course Name – B.Sc Nursing 
  • Course Duration – 4 years 
  • ELIGIBILITY – 10 + 2
  • Approximate TOTAL FEES – ₹3,00,000

Become ‘Ladies with Lanterns’ and save lives during this pandemic. Apply for B.Sc Nursing!

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