Is A Laundry Service Worth The Money

by Mitov Mitrovski

Doing the laundry and maintaining the hygiene of the bedding and clothes we wear – is something that simply cannot be avoided. We do not believe that there is a person who doesn’t wash clothes on his own – or uses laundry services. Laundry services are very practical, especially for people who work a lot and constantly have a problem with a lack of time. Still, is it a too expensive option? Whether laundries are profitable or not – try to find out in this text.

Using Laundry Service: Is It Worth It?


More than a decade ago, laundries in Europe and the United States were real small gold mines. The picture was changed in the years – so in the past 2 decades, it often happened that entrepreneurs were struggling to find ways to survive in the market. However, today we have new circumstances. The rhythm of life is much different. We live fast and work hard. The situation is especially improving with the arrival of a new generation of millennials who work very hard – and do not have time for such simple and important things as washing clothes. There are many clients for laundry services today. At one internet forum, people even calculated how much one laundry-wash costs at home on average and whether it is worth going to the laundry service. And the truth is – the difference in money is not that big, but in time-wasting, it is for sure. According to – some services such as NJ laundry services will do almost everything for you including laundry pickup and delivery.

It’s Not Cheap, But It’s Practical


Laundry services in Europe cost an average of three euros ( a little more than 3$), which does not include washing powder. An average of 12 euros is set aside for the complete processing of one round of laundry with washing, drying, and ironing. Laundry owners say it is not easy, but the crisis is slowly passing. Moreover, there has even been an increase in the number of laundries. In Germany, for example, there are currently more than 600. They are usually used by students and low-income citizens. Many cannot buy a machine that costs an average of more than 400 euros. It is easier and faster for them to get to the laundry. There are also special clients like business people and the new generation of millennials. Because of their work, they do not have time to do laundry and drying, so this way is far more receptive and simple – and for them, these services are not an expensive item.

Laundries Have A Social Function?


Laundries are slowly gaining a completely new shape and even a social function. Owners are increasingly expanding the space with the possibility of laundry offering various forms of entertainment and fun. Now in many laundries, you can enjoy the specialties of the restaurant while you wait for the laundry. If the wait lasts on the video beam, you can watch a movie, and parties are even organized in the evening. People pass by and see at least with washing machines where people sit relaxed and drink. Tourists are amazed. Why are the washing machines in the cafe, or why is it at least in the laundry. Is it laundry or a coffee shop? We can say – it’s a bit of everything. It’s a multicult. It is a multi-laundry and multi-coffee shop, say the owners of such unusual laundries. Such half-bars half-bars are becoming increasingly popular among young people. It’s a good place to relax – and who knows, maybe even dating.

Is A Laundry Service Worth The Money?


In the laundry service, you will do more laundry for one wash

When we take into account the time we spend on washing, drying, and ironing, and then add the used electricity, water, and the necessary “accompanying” elements such as appropriate detergent, fabric softener, bleach – according to our calculations, it is cheaper to wash clothes in the laundry than at home! An average home washing machine of five kilograms receives about two and a half to three kilograms of laundry. So, for washed five kilograms of laundry, it is necessary to include two washing machines if you do it at home.

You will use more laundry detergent, but also electricity


The average operation of the machine at ninety degrees lasts about two and a half hours, so it takes a total of five hours to wash five kilograms of laundry. During that time, the machine consumes about 12.5 kW of electricity, about 100 grams of powder, 1 dl of softener, and about 100 liters of water, so the calculation is more than simple.

You will spend a lot of your precious time

The price, of course, did not include the time spent, the money needed to buy, and depreciate the machine and water, just as the fact that wet laundry should be dried – which requires new time or used electricity (if you have a tumble dryer).

Are you thinking about ironing your laundry?


With ironing, things are significantly simpler. Irons are using only electricity, and the most valuable thing – your free time. That often has no price. The time required for ironing a set of bedding for a double bed with a home iron is about 60 minutes. During that time, the iron consumes about 3KW of electricity – and the price for the work spent is a special story. Not to mention that it takes about twenty minutes to iron one men’s shirt with an average iron. That means that only three men’s shirts can be ironed in an hour. In this field, laundries are unsurpassed.

The quality of washing and ironing is far better in laundry service


It is understood that the quality of ironing and washing in the laundry is far better – primarily due to the use of professional equipment. You can never do laundry as well at home as big professional washing machines will do. On the other hand, an ordinary iron cannot be compared to powerful ironing rollers – that iron your laundry and clothes to perfection.


At the end of the story, let the saying “Buy your free time” serve you. You will easily recalculate how much your hour of working on the iron costs at home – or in a professional service. It is up to you to choose if your free time has a price and how much it is.

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