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Let’s celebrate this women’s day in a better way

Everyone has a different way of celebrating women’s day in India. Some change their profile picture or post a status while some go a step ahead and make dinner for their mothers and wives. But this time on women’s day 2019 let us do something we should actually do!

This women’s day make them feel special-

This women’s day, we should provide basic hygiene to those women who are unknowingly throwing themselves in fatal dangers. It is time that we should reach them and teach them the importance of maintaining hygiene. Even today a lot of women die due to infections during their menstrual cycles. This raises a big question on the dynamic of the whole country. We should spread hygiene by spreading sanitary pads along with precise knowledge menstrual hygiene, to rural women as well as young girls who are unaware of the same.

Break all stereotypes and spread menstrual awareness

This women’s day make them feel confident-

Girl child education is always a big concern for India. Although the government is taking its measures as vigilant citizens, we should also contribute a little bit for women. We can help any girl child to get an education. It can be in the form of tangible or intangible support. It is high time that women must be provided with a fair knowledge of this world. They must be aware of their rights. Without education, these women are completely lost in this world. All you need to do is show them the right path.

Feminism, equality and women empowerment are the terms we have talked a lot about. But it is high time to talk about something which is way more pivotal then them.

On one hand a woman working in a corporate firm is demanding equality and on the other hand, another woman is not even in a situation of buying a sanitary pad for herself. 

About 60% of India’s total women live in rural areas and they still don’t know who’s the PM of India, what is a women’s day and even what is their own birthday! In the form of women’s day gifts let us give them sanitary pads and paper-pen, as they deserve better than what they have!

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