LG Q8+ noticed on certification spots, LG Q7 Android One Variant is also going to be launched soon

by Munira Qaid Johar
  • The dual-band Wi-Fi availability confirmed on certification sites
  • LG Q8 is reported to be launched in the coming July or August 2018
  • The gadget will be operated on Android Oreo

LG Smartphone Company is recently launching the Q series LG devices from the past year. The company revealed the launch of LG Q8+ after the successful launch of LG Q6. According to the Wi-Fi alliance sites and certification listings, the news regarding the launch of LG Q8+ successor of LG Q7 has been confirmed. The name of the Smartphone is apparent in two options. As per the hints visible in the above-mentioned sites, the device is suspected to be initially launched in South Korean markets. Apart from that, the two variants are also been recorded on the page comprising a number of smartphones supporting the Google Play. This listing is the proof confirming that LG Q8 will soon arrive in the markets.

The listings of LG Q8+ in two variants

According to the listing name in two variants, the device appears paired with model numbers i.e., LM-Q815S and LM-Q815L. The two models have been accepted and approved by the Wi-Fi Alliance and in addition to this, as per the reporting given by Nashville Chatter class; the model is noticed on the recent Google Playlist. So all the above-listed factors clearly specify that the two diverse variants of LG Q8+ are going to be launched within a short period of time. As per the Wi-Fi alliance site’s suggestion, this device would support Dual-band Wi-Fi plus, the same would be operated on Android Oreo.

The launch of LG Q8 and updates regarding its successor LG Q8+

As a narrow piece version of LG V20, the LG Q8 was introduced to the market last July. People are expecting the launch of LG Q8+ somewhat around the same month. However, if this model would be a stripped version of LG V30 is yet to be confirmed.

In addition to this, LG is reportedly said to be working on LG Q7 device for the T-Smartphone users of the United States. According to the recent sources, the LG Stylo 4 Kernel Source (it has not been announcing yet) clearly reveals that the company is still operating on a device having the codename cv5a. XDA developers stated that this codename could either be linked to LG Q7 or the T-Smartphone users residing in the United States. The name of the model appears along with the codename on Google’s Playlist.

LG Q7 specifications

Based on the recent reports, LG Q7 would be operated on Android 8.1 Oreo and the same would contain a display screen of 5.5 inches. With a RAM of 2GB or 3GB, its battery capacity is suspected to be no more than 3000mAh.

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