7 Best Long Distance Relationship Activities to do When you See Each Other

Long-distance relationships are truly both a great and awful experience at the same time. If you wonder why, well, hear us out. The beauty in a long-distance relationship is the fact that you two love each other so much that thousands of kilometers cannot separate you. But, then there’s the fact that you’ll rarely see each other, and that makes things a lot more difficult for both sides.

Thankfully, we have the internet, so webcam talks and other similar activities are still possible. However, nothing replaces the real thing. A long-distance relationship is a huge responsibility, we’re not going to lie on that one, but, it is quite possible to pull it off in 2022.

When it comes to rewarding feelings, nothing compares to the one you get after you finally get to meet your significant other after a long-term separation took place. But, since you two missed each other so much, you are probably now wondering what should be the first thing you’ll do together once you finally meet. Thankfully, in today’s article, we got it all covered. Let’s take a look at these fun activities.

1. Play video games together

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Playing video games together is an activity that you can do even while you’re both separated, but it’s even better once you are finally back together. If you two are a couple who loves gaming, making your own gaming room or at least spending an entire session together is a great bonding activity. It is something that can be done in the safety and comfort of your own home.

Gaming is really fun, and there are numerous choices that you can make when it comes to finding the best title to spend some hours on. A lot of couples met through video games and they continued playing together once they moved in under the same roof, it’s just a wonderful and very fun thing to do. But, if you are simply not a fan of video games, we have some other activities prepared for you as well.

2. Go hiking and exploring

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Hiking is a fun and healthy activity, and it’s something that you can do together with your significant other at any time. Once you are finally back together, you can choose a spot nearby and go there together. Hiking can be done multiple times per week, or you can just do it once and try to organize a romantic date somewhere up on the mountain or the hill of your choice. Accompany this with a mesmerizing view of the city and you have a very romantic day or night. Just make sure to bring all types of safety equipment. Don’t ever go hiking without backpacks containing extra food and clothes. If you are not into sports nor video games, we have more ideas here.

3. Visit a luxurious restaurant

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A luxurious restaurant is a perfect spot for a romantic dinner, or even a lunch, especially after so much time of not seeing each other. You can surprise your partner with something like this, or you can just arrange it and make it the perfect night of your relationship.

4. Sky-diving or Scuba diving

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Both sky diving and scuba diving are extreme activities that couples sometimes like to do for one reason. To experience something so dangerous yet thrilling and adrenaline-raising as a staple for their trust in the relationship. It doesn’t make much sense now, but once you decide to do something like it you’ll know what we’re talking about. Both sky diving and scuba diving are amazing activities, and they don’t cost a lot of money if you plan them out on time.

5. Go camping in the wilderness

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Here’s something even more in the spirit of adventure. You can go out camping in the wilderness and have a romantic date out in nature. But, make sure to keep things safe and let others know where you are in case something goes wrong. That, and bring a lot of safety equipment with you, as well as a few communication devices. Never underestimate the risk while out in the wilderness. You can cook your own dinner while making your camp, or you can get a pizza or something similar with you while going there if you don’t want to spend any extra time preparing a meal. Just make sure to arrive quickly before the pizza gets cold. Camping in the wilderness is tons of fun and definitely a great activity for couples.

6. Canoeing just you two

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When you’re out canoeing you’ll experience many wonderful things. First of all, the view will be amazing, of course, based on the location, but usually, locations that allow canoeing are beautiful. This activity is also a light workout. It will get you tired but it’s going to fill your soul as well. A beautiful experience that doesn’t cost a lot of money. In fact, a lot of couples do it.

7. Dancing on a romantic night out

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Last but not least, dancing together while out on a romantic night is probably the best thing that you guys can do after a long-time reunion. You choose the destination, just make it magical and special. It can be out at a dance party, or it can be just you two somewhere where others cannot bother you. Even a rooftop will be a romantic choice with the city lights at night.


Love is probably the most powerful thing in our world, and long-distance relationships are very pure proof of it. In today’s article, we covered some of the most interesting activities that you two can do once you finally meet after a long time being separated. We tried to choose only the ones that give you that soul-fulfilling warmth.

Most of these are sports-related because as we all know, couples that do sporting activities together stay together. We hope you have a great time once you finally meet your significant other in the near future, so we wish you the best of luck and remember to stay safe.

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