Mahila Jawans depicting India’s liberalization

Along with having goosebumps to see the first ever all-women contingent of Assam Rifles, it is a moment to feel proud of our Mahila jawans who are showing such bravery and valour. 

The Republic Day Celebration

They are only a few who realize their duty towards their nation whatever the gender is. Thanx to present day lifestyle and notion where girls are taking such brave steps for their country. However, this Republic Day of 2019 holds great importance in the history of the nation as it is the first time that an all-women contingent from Assam Rifles will salute the President of the nation at the Rajpath. 

A Special Contingent of  Mahila Jawans

This women contingent also holds a special place in everybody’s heart as well as it is formed by the kith and kin of our already martyred soldiers. Yes, you heard it right! Seeing the martyrdom of such close family members, still, these power puff girls didn’t hesitate to join the army. 

Dear Mahila jawans, the entire nation is really proud of all of you and thank you for putting such a step forward for our safety. Also, we respect all our martyred soldiers who gave you the inspiration to come forward. 

Words of the Brave hearts

Many of the Mahila jawans shared their experience.  Sunitha Thapa was given the place of her husband in the army and she was proud of the support and understanding that her family bestows on her. Gayatri Sharma joined the army one and a half years ago. She took the place of her father who martyred as an Assam Rifles Jawan. 

The Women Contingent, which is being led by Major Khushboo Kanwar says that they feel proud to be a part of the Republic Day 2019 celebrations.