Here’s How to Make College Best Four Years of Your Life

Life is fairly fast-paced. One moment you’re choosing your favorite crayon, the next you’re picking the ideal prom dress, and the very next moment you are entering the doors of your dream college. As crazy and fast it seems, you must not get overwhelmed and truly enjoy all stages and phases of your life. College is a four years long rollercoaster ride. It is hard work, rigor, tough, and all in all pretty hardcore. With that said, these four years strengthen you not only academically but also socially and needless to say, mentally.

College is tough but it brings you closer to your dreams and ambitions. The end goal seems too close yet too far out of reach. The four years mold you as a person and forces you to alter your lifestyle from that of a high school kid to an adult in the real world. Each year of college comes in with its unique challenges and hurdles which makes it ever so important for you, as a student to not bow in and just enjoy every moment of it. If you’re currently a high school senior looking ahead to college or if you’re a freshman struggling to have fun, here are some great tips to make your four years worthwhile without compromising on your education and principals.

1. Schedule & Prioritize


Bid farewell to high school, careless days because college requires serious commitment. With that said, oftentimes students find themselves in a rut where it’s difficult for them to juggle efficiently between tasks and end up either behind the books all the time or compromise their grades while parting around campus. The best way to do everything and anything is scheduling and prioritizing.

Scheduling is very important in college if you wish to use your time effectively. Invest in a good calendar and/or planner and jot down each night what you have to do the next morning. Make sure, you mention the mundane day to day chores as well so that you can plan ahead of time. Make lists of tasks like laundry, working out, pre-reading, and coffee date with friends, everything so that it provides you with a rough idea the night before so that you can plan other things accordingly or rather you make arrangements accordingly.

Once you have a rough draft of all the things that are lined up for the following day, you must prioritize. Some things like classes and coursework are not compromisable and hence, must be prioritized as number one, while going for a lunch date or a 3-hour zoom meeting with friends back home can be deferred by a day or two as per your daily requirements. This way, you will be organized and would not continuously be in a hurry to get things done. Not just that, you will also be able to be present and more attentive while you’re at your tasks.

2. Learn to say No


Another skill which you need to learn is to know how and when to say no. It might be difficult at first but it can work wonders for your goals and also, mental health. There are times when you have to prepare for class the next morning but you just can’t seem to make time for it with so many parties lined up over the weekend. This is where you draw the line and refuse to attend that party so that you can concentrate on working on your grades.

Further, college is not only about books and assignments which is why it is imperative to say let go of them and go out a little and enjoy. We get it, you don’t wish to compromise on your grades which is where various online resources such as come in.  You can get the help needed for your assignments and still enjoy college life and spending time with your friends.

3. Take a break


College can be overwhelming. You have too many things to do in too little time, that too by putting in all your effort. All of it can be draining both physically and mentally. With that said, the great way to not feel burnt out is by having a good night’s sleep which means no technology insight, an uninterrupted 8-10 hours of sleep. Not just that, stay away from junk food as it is known to make you feel tired and lethargic at most times. Cook your own meals are it anything from salads to burgers, just make them yourself and eat at proper timings. Moreover, it is also important to be active. Sure, you can’t afford a fancy gym, just hit your on-campus gym or just go for a run anytime you have some extra time so that you can de-stress your mind and body from the overload of work each day.

It is important to understand that yes, getting good grades is necessary but so is your health. Health is wealth and so you must not succumb to the pressure of classes or competition and let go of your sanity. Don’t take a hit on your health and take a break once in a while. You can explore your hobbies like hiking or even cooking and specify one day just for that and indulge in some self-care because you are important and nothing really matters if you’re not healthy and fit.