Top Easy Ways to Make Real Money in College

As a college student, you need extra cash to complement your needs. But the money you receive from your sponsors might not be enough to allow you to buy new clothes, shoes, or books. So, what do you have to do? For years I have been informing college students that there are many easy and legit ways to make cash while in college.

Don’t sit and give excuses that you don’t have money while piling debts from friends. Pick one of the tips I will inform you today and turn it into a cash cow. Before that, if you find it challenging to balance doing your assignments and your college job, contact 123 Homework. They will help you do your tasks.

Let’s get down to the ways of making money while in college.



Have you ever thought of starting your blog? This is one way you can earn some good cash monthly, depending on how good your blog is. When you have a blog, you can make money through ads on your site. You get paid by the advertiser as per the number of people checking your blog.

Averagely bloggers earn between $1000 and $10,000 monthly. Making money through your blog doesn’t come that fast. Be exceptional and patient, but you will enjoy it once you start making money.



There are many freelance platforms such as Upwork, Fiverr, and more that offer freelance jobs. Some of the opportunities you can get on such sites include writing, software development, website development, and more. Therefore, which skill do you have?

Are you a professional writer or an exceptional app developer? You can create an account and bid for jobs from different clients. The best thing with these freelance platforms is that when you complete your job, you get paid, and in no way will you not get your payment.



Do you know that YouTube is one of the best paying video platforms? Yes! As a college student, this can be a source of income as you study. It doesn’t involve paying to get an account. All you need is to create a Gmail account and sign in to YouTube.

After that, you capture or come up with content that you are good at. Upload the video on YouTube, and people get to view your content. To earn from this video platform might take some time, but it all depends on how you publicize your YouTube channel.

Once you have many subscribers and advertisers start advertising through your channel, the money is coming your way. Typically, a YouTuber with more than a million subscribers earns about $5000 monthly.

Online Surveys


While in college, you tend to have much free time in between lectures. So, what do you do with that time? Another money-making opportunity is filling in online surveys. You might be asking yourself which are survey sites legitimately pay those who participate in their survey questions.

There are many online. But that depends on your relevance, and if you submit the answers they are looking for. You can try registering for survey websites like;

  • MyPoints
  • Survey Junkie
  • LifePoints
  • Vindale Research
  • Pinecone Research
  • Swagbucks

You can try these sites, but there are many that pay. Research online and get to participate in surveys and get paid. According to my study, a survey will pay you between $1 to $20, but in most cases, they pay between $1 and $5. Suppose you take more surveys in a month. You might earn up to $100.

Sell Images and Videos


If you are a good photographer with your camera and are in college, you can make a decent amount. There are online sites that give you the chance to post your images and videos. In return, you get paid by someone who wants to download the picture or video.

Mostly, website owners or bloggers purchase images or videos to avoid copyright issues. This makes this gig an excellent way to earn money. Get to capture the best pictures and sell them on Shutterstock.

Shutterstock is not the only platform you can research for others. The reason I am informing you about Shutterstock is that it pays relatively higher than other sites. For example, for a 4k video, you might earn up to $349.

Other agencies you can sell your images and videos include;

  • iStock Photo
  • Getty Images
  • Alamy
  • 500px
  • Stocksy

Online Store


You can start your online store and make good cash. All you require is a laptop and a good internet connection. Then visit Shopify and start your online store. You can read this on how to create an online store.

The best thing about starting an online store on a ready-to-use platform is that it won’t cost you more, unlike starting it from scratch. Add the products you want to sell. That’s not all. You might look for strategies of how customers will buy products from your store.

Build it and have an authoritative online store. You don’t have to sell products. You can also sell services online. This might make you the right amount of money monthly.



Do you know how to speak any foreign language? Then you can use your ability to make money while in college. You might be wondering how do I start translating and earning. Besides helping foreign tourists, you can also sign up on online sites and translate texts for clients.

One of the sites that offer such opportunities is Gengo. Here you create an account and start translating as you earn. Please don’t sit on your translating skill. Use it and make money.



Who will I be tutoring? That’s the question lingering on your mind. But very many college students struggle to understand some courses, and you might be helpful to them. Which subjects are you good at? Then use that ability to help others while they pay you.

All you need is to help a few students to become reputable as you charge a specific fee when you become the best. Now relatively increase your rate and don’t forget on your studies too.


Therefore, as a college student, don’t say that there are no money-making jobs. There are many of them. I have highlighted some of the easy ways. Pick the one you are good at and start earning money today. Thank you for reading.