Mashrafe Mortaza the Bangladesh Skipper Tests Coronavirus Positive

This is really heartbreaking news. Every day thousands of people are getting affected by Coronavirus and we are getting one of the most disturbing news from the Bangladesh cricket industry.

The Bangladesh cricket team’s Mashrafe Mortaza who is known as one of the most prominent cricket players and considered as one of the brilliant skippers in the team has been tested positive for Coronavirus. 

When It All Started?


Everything was going fine but from the last couple of days Mashrafe was complaining about feeling ill and on Friday his closed ones took him for the COVID test and unfortunately, he is infected by the virus. 

Presently, he has quarantined himself in his residence located in Dhaka and is getting the necessary treatment. 

When the United News of Bangladesh (UNB) interviewed Morsalin Bin Mortaza who is the younger brother of Mashrafe, he told them that he was not feeling well for a few days and had a high fever. On Friday, doctors have taken the coronavirus test, and today we got the report with the positive result that is really creating a tense situation and he has isolated himself in his homestead. 

According to the sources and the local media of the country, it is believed that some of his family members were also tested positive earlier. 

More about Mortaza


Mortaza is not only passionate about playing cricket but he is also delivering his services by being a parliament of Bangladesh. And when he works with the parliament, he makes sure that he works with a full active mind and keeps doing philanthropic activities, and with the help of this medium, he is delivering help to all his relatives who are living in his hometown. 

Apart from Mortaza, one more former cricketer of the Bangladesh team Nafees Iqbal has also tested positive with the deadly coronavirus. Nafees Iqbal is the elder brother of the ODI captain Tamim Iqbal. 

Current COVID situation in Bangladesh


Currently, there are more than 100,000 positive cases have been registered in Bangladesh and the country is trying up to the highest level of the extent to cure the infected people. We must pray for them because passing through a phase in which you know that coronavirus is living inside you is really disturbing.

Other Athletes Positive on COVID-19


The situation in other sports is not different at all. Some of the superstars around the world are positive on COVID-19. We have recently got the news that the best tennis player Novak Djokovic tests Coronavirus positive. This happened after he organized the so-called Adria Tour. The purpose of this tournament was to help tennis players that are still not qualified to play in the best tournaments. This was a great opportunity for them to make some profit after all the tournaments in the world are canceled. The tournament was primarily organized in Belgrade where everything was fine. However, after that, the next stage of the tournament was in Zadar, Croatia. Unfortunately, one of the tennis players was tested Coronavirus positive. After that, the rest of the participants were tested and one of those that were positive was Novak Djokovic as well. The tournament was canceled in the end. 

Despite that, many athletes from other sports got infected as well. We can use the Premier League as an example of how everything started. The first person infected in this league was Mikel Arteta. After that, Callum Hudson-Odoi, a young winger that plays for Chelsea, tested Coronavirus positive. Soon after that, one by one club placed the entire squads on self-isolation programs. Bournemouth and Everton are the latest clubs that placers their players under quarantine. Logically, under these conditions, there was not a chance that a Premier League will continue. In the end, the league was suspended in the first week of April. 

Things in the NBA league were not different at all. The first athlete tested Coronavirus positive was Rudy Gobert. This happened way back on March 11. Since then, the virus in the USA hasn’t shown any signs it will slow down. There were some rumors that the league may continue. Unfortunately, something like that won’t happen. Since then, the number of infected basketball players has grown. Only one day after Rudy Gobert, Donovan Mitchell from Utah Jazz was also positive. After that, some of the superstars such as Kevin Durant and Nikola Jokic confirmed that they are positive on COVID-19. The last news we have is from July 7 when Taurean Prince from the Brooklyn Nets approved he was tested COVID positive.

Stay Healthy!


If you are one of them who are tested positive with Coronavirus and reading this news, then all that we want to say is don’t lose your confidence as there is always a ray of hope coming from every corner.

Just keep a routine of a healthy life, drink warm water, do not touch unhygienic places, and keep yourself quarantined – this is the uttermost important thing that you must do in this situation so that you do not harm others. No one can exactly tell you what is going to happen in the future. However, everyone can tell you that things won’t be the same as before. It seems that we will all need to get used to living with Coronavirus. There are no clear signs that this type of crisis is going to end soon. However, as we said, do not lose your confidence and try to add positivity to your life. 

Want to read more interesting and fresh news of cricket? Then stay tuned with us. We will be back soon with more cricket news.