Time and How To Watch Memorial Day Parade NYC – New York City Parade

During the day memorial, NYC also pays tribute to the troops that fell by hosting a number of services and commemorative processions. In this city, different activities are carried out. However, one of the highlights is the historic march of the King County Memorial Day Parade in Brooklyn. This parade is one of the most visited of the country and also the city also offers a variety of alternative events for all visitors, although most of them do not miss the spectacular parade.

This parade will be held in NYC on the last Monday in May – as it is done every year – because Memorial Day is celebrated that day. This year corresponds to Monday, May 28.

What is the Memorial Day Parade?

This parade has been defined as one of the best in New York. However, it is not the only one done in this state; there is also the parade in Queens, Staten Island, the Bronx and two more in Brooklyn. One of NY’s most iconic parades is governed by the ancient traditions of Brooklyn and overseen by Catholic war veterans who are also in charge of directing local service organizations paying homage to fallen soldiers and their families. After the parade, there is a salute from 21 cannons of the US Army. NYPD and other state organizations march alongside veterans, followed by Brooklyn high school bands, fire trucks, and classic vintage or exhibition cars.

Where is the Memorial Day Parade?

The Kings County Memorial Day Parade will take place in Brooklyn and will start at 11 am. The parade is estimated to start at 78th Street and Third Avenue, from there it will continue onto Fourth Avenue and is expected to culminate at John Paul Jones Park on 101 Street for the memorial service.

What can I do near the Memorial Day Parade?

If you want to do another activity during the parade you can go to one of the best places in Brooklyn; Bay Ridge. You can also taste the authentic Italian food at Gino’s restaurant and you can continue towards the Narrows Botanical Gardens for a walk full of nature. In the latter, you can get incredible views of the city of Manhattan and other parts of NY.