Men Fall In Love When They Miss You

Relationships and love are complicated enough without adding how to discern men’s feelings to the mix. While no love potion can guarantee that your man will continue to love you forever and ever, the good thing is that you can make him fall for you and continue to gain his attention long after you started a relationship.

Why Withdraw Your Presence?

In the book written by Robert Greene, he said that you could preserve and enhance your partner`s love for you by withdrawing your presence at the right moment, right before the point when your man starts getting tired of you.

There are thousands of books written about how your lover begins to take you for granted after some time. They pull away without any explanations. Suddenly, they don’t want to talk to you or are simply trying to do other things to avoid you. That can hurt. But know that you can tip the scales in your favor.

You can always do things that will make your lover rekindle his attraction to you. Becoming scarce at the right moment with the right person can ignite the flame of love. This principle of scarcity can be seen in economics as well. That is, if something is harder to get and requires a lot of effort, the more value it will have. There’s always a difference between gemstones and dull stones in terms of price, rarity, and popularity.

When you become scarce, and you’ve already established a strong foundation in your relationship, your lover will respect and cherish you more. They can dream about what you are doing at the moment, how can you be happy without them, and whether they will lose you if they let things be. However, it is essential to note that if love is absent, a man will forget about you when you leave. They will look for others that can entertain them in your absence.

Why Do They Need to Miss You?

As is generally known, men were born hunters. They like the thrill of the chase, and they love challenges. Men don’t like women that they can get quickly. That means that their interest wanes with women who declare undying love and who will do anything for them from the very beginning.

If you are in this situation, it is best to understand that your man wants to feel that he is doing everything to get you. He wants to feel fulfilled. He wants others to see that he was able to catch you and bring you to his lair before other men could do it. Your man may be one of those who have the habit of fighting for the things that are challenging. He can then find great pleasure in winning and succeeding in getting you.

Common Explanations Why Guys Crave your Absence

Availability and the Psychology of Value of Perception

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If you are going to choose between a bag of diamonds and a bag of coals, which one would you take? Most people would select diamonds. Many are aware that these are both minerals, and one can get them from the same earth. However, diamonds are rare, and they require lots of effort. That is why they are more perceived as valuable. 

The less available you become, the more your man will subconsciously feel that that you are a diamond that he should search for. Whenever you pull away, and you show your guy that you have your own life, you will start to stir emotions inside him. He will feel that you are critical, and he will begin to crave your presence more.

Uncertainty Stirs the Human Soul

Lots of people love routines and feelings of certainty. They will not be able to bear it if suddenly, you will pull away as this caused uncertainty. There are relationships where both partners are so used to seeing each other, and they expect the same things to happen every single day. But if you suddenly become unavailable, this strikes a strong feeling of uncertainty in a guy’s life and to the patterns that he has gotten used to. 

He will start realizing that without you, life suddenly becomes disturbed, irritating, and uncertain. When he suddenly feels the urge to go back to you, then he won’t help but fall in love with you. He will begin to miss everything about you, including your scent, looks, and the little things that you do. He will be uncertain about the relationship and will make more of an effort to call or chat with you so that you can be back again. Read more about how men fall in love when they miss you on this website here.

Fear Can Make a Person Act

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The strongest emotion that can make a person act immediately is fear. The fear of losing someone can be stronger than the desire to get other women. Fear is the one that you generate when you suddenly become scarce in your guy’s life. He can start imagining some losing you all of a sudden, especially if he doesn’t take any actions to take you back. However, remember that you should not be manipulative in a relationship so that you can both celebrate your everlasting love.