How To Mix CBD Oil With Vape Juice – 2024 Guide

The benefits of CBD oil are countless, and also are the ways you can take it. You can take a drop under your tongue so your body can absorb it better, mix with another type of oil, by taking an edible product (gummies, mints or candies), by applying it on your skin or by vaping and smoking.

If you choose vaping, you need to know how to properly mix the hemp oil with the vape juice in the vaporizer’s cartridge. You also need to research the quantities you need. By vaping, you can feel the CBD effect in 10 minutes (or less), and your body will absorb up to 50% of the active substance. When you mix the oil with vaping liquids, you need to know what to avoid and what is safe to use. You can also grow cannabis yourself, ensuring its quality, by using a home aquaponics kit like the ones you have here:

In this article, we will try to explain every aspect of mixing the CBD oil with vape juice, how you should do that, and what you need to avoid, so you can safely vape the mixture, without causing lung damage.

Is hemp oil safe to vape?

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Just like everything else, it has a lot of benefits, but also a lot of negative effects you should be aware of before deciding to vape it. Some studies showed that people who take the CBD oil by vaping it, have fewer epilepsy seizures, sleep better, ease their anxiety symptoms, help them cope with OCD, PTSD, and similar conditions, and reduce the psychotic episodes. This oil also has anti-inflammatory features that are good for type 1 diabetes. People who are on chemotherapy use it to reduce nausea.

In many cases, the CBD oil is safe to vape, if you know how to mix it properly. You should use a clear oil, not some supplement mixture that is used as a specific treatment for something.

How to mix the oil with the vape juice?

The easiest way to do that is to buy your favorite vape juice and put a few drops of the oil, so you can get your own mixture that is appropriate to your needs. The general advice is one drop of hemp oil in the cartridge, and fill it up with the vape liquid.

But, you need to take care of other aspects, like your bodyweight and personal level of tolerance. Bigger people will need more CBD oil to feel the effects. Also, if you are more tolerant of the effects, one drop will be not enough for you. In general, you need to try with the minimum amount and see if it’s enough for you, or you need more drops to increase the effect. Keep the doses low in the beginning.

Also, you need to be careful about what concentration you use. Most of the oils are packed in a 10ml bottle, with different levels of CBD percentage. The mathematics is simple. If the 10ml bottle contains 400mg of CBD, that means in 1ml you will find 40mg of it. It’s proportional when you use lower or higher concentrations. If you can measure the quantity with some pipette, you will easily measure how much milliliters are in one drop, and according to that, you can calculate the needed amount and concentration.

If you are not sure, you can prepare the mixture in a separate small bottle, and then put it in the cartridge. Be careful not to try to fill up the cartridge with clear oil, because that can destroy the vaporizer’s mechanism. A really small amount of CBD oil with the e-juice is always a better choice. The vaping pens are using glycerin liquids that are proper to use. If you mix them up with a lot of CBD oil, that won’t work properly and may become poisonous. So, if you are ready to experiment with this, use only a drop or two for the whole cartridge, so you can protect the vaporizer.

Is there an easy way to vape CBD, without mixing it with e-liquids?

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The easiest way is to find a trusted retailer that offers pre-mixed CBD vape juice. In this way, you will always know how much you vaped today and how much liquid you need to fill up the vaporizer’s tank. As we said, you only need to use trusted sources, so you can get a product that won’t cause health issues after consuming.

What substances do you need to avoid?

There is a long list of substances and oils that are mixed with hemp oil that will cause lifetime damage to your lungs. For example, you need to avoid vegetable glycerin, vegetable oil that is used for eating, propylene glycol, and coconut oil.

Also, you need to use liquids with no nicotine, because if you mix the hemp oil with even the lowest concentration of nicotine, it may cause a lot of side effects, or affect your lungs and nasal tract. Their interaction can cause many side effects because nicotine is an addictive stimulant.

Can I take the needed amount using other CBD products?

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If vaping is not your cup of tea, you have a lot of other ways to take your CBD dose today. You can check out “Sarahsblessing” to find a lot of products you can consume, instead of vaping, including candies, gummies, tea and creams and lotions that are applied to the skin. You should use only certified products that are legal in your country. Keep in mind that many countries in the world find the CBD usage controversial and they don’t have proper laws and regulations. Before you take a hemp product for any type of use, you should check the laws in your country, so you can avoid legal problems.

We hope this article helped you to recognize the benefits of CBD vaping, but also the possible issues you may have if you don’t mix it properly. The recipe is simple, you only need to choose a high-quality product and avoid resellers that may sell you something that can be potentially dangerous to your health.