15 Emerging Mobile App Development Trends

by Anite Allesis

Mobile application development is a challenging field in the technology and related industry, and both the developers and users always want to look up new trends every year. As you can suppose, the trends depend on the demands, but also on many other factors that have a huge influence over this business. Our smartphones are becoming even smarter with every new generation, embracing the recent technology developments. But, that doesn’t mean that the old apps are still not good. On the other hand, we are getting updates to the apps we are using every few days, and most of the changes and fixes are tiny and probably not very important for the users, but the developers are always trying to implement something new, so they can improve the overall user experience.

It’s always a good idea to keep this industry up with the new trends because that means the apps will work better on newer devices but still run smoothly on older versions, so the client can be completely satisfied. According to Bright Brains Information Technology, the development company is important too, so you can get what you really want from the app. In this article, we will try to highlight the most recent trends, that when combined with the old ones, will always work great, and let the users have fun while using them.

1. Apps for folding smartphones

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Many tech giants are announcing that in 2021 they will release their first foldable device. Samsung is the leader among them all because they made a prototype of this type of phone a few years ago. That means the developers will have to optimize the designs to this trend.

2. Integration with IoT

IoT is short for the Internet of Things, and integration is not a new concept, but the developers are working on it seriously. Some home safety apps are notifying the users when something is happening, but we expect that we can control everything we choose through phone apps.

3. 5G network adaptation

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In 2020 the 5G was a huge trend, but sadly, for the wrong reasons. The conspiracy theorists believed that it’s the 5G the reason why the coronavirus exists, but that fact isn’t worth discussing – so, this year we expect that the apps will be adapted to this important Internet technology.

4. Machine learning implementation

There are some apps based on machine learning and artificial intelligence, and the simplest example is FaceApp, which we were using to turn ourselves into the opposite gender or to see how we will look when we get older. The tech giants are already using it, but we can say that this year will be a real boom for them.

5. Chatbots that work for you

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In the past, we were using chatbots to talk with God or with celebrities, and that was pretty popular during the mid-2000s. But today, these bots have a wider usage, because they are helping the user to report some problems quickly, or give their opinion on something.

6. Apps for watches

Maybe the smartwatches weren’t very common a few years ago, but today many people already wear them, but the app access is limited. Soon, it will stay in the past, and more apps for smartwatches will be available.

7. Beacon technology

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This is widely used in retail and big stores. It helps the service provider to install the beacons in the stores, so everyone who is available can get information about client’s preferences and inform them what’s new and attractive.

8. Mobile commerce

It was a trend in recent years, especially in 2020, and now in 2021 the developers are sure they should dedicate to this field more, so they can create apps to increase the revenue to online mobile stores. We are slowly getting there.

9. More VR apps

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Virtual reality is also not new, and some people are using it. But some of them are reporting vertigo and dizziness after one hour of activity using the VR headsets with the games, and the developers have full hands of the job to fix this and improve the experience.

10. The rise of the mobile wallets

We all need mobile wallets, but the choice is not big enough, and the possibilities are limited. Surely we are embracing Apple Pay or Google Wallet, but we always need something better, that supports every type of payment.

11. Extra layers of security

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We have to log in to the apps with at least name and email, and that’s still personal information that is shared with the world. But, we are all getting more aware of the security issues, and it’s expected that the developers are improving it with every new update of the app.

12. Instant apps

The sad fact is that the new technologies are not always properly optimized and they take too much memory space. That’s the reason why there are instant apps, that is a product of the native company, user-friendly, don’t take much space, and you can use them without downloading.

13. Cloud-based storage

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This is also not something new but should be embraced by most of the developers, because that’s a way for the apps to work properly and better, and at the same time, saves a lot of time and money.

14. Predictive analytics

The apps that are installed on our devices are still collecting data, according to what the developers need, so they can recognize the demands of the users, and improve their experience. We expect that it will become more efficient when creating new apps.

15. Apps on client’s demand

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Sometimes some businesses may need a custom app, just for them. For example, some tourist complexes may want an on-demand app for their job, so the visitors can book and order through it. Surely there are still services like Airbnb or Booking, but when something is focused on one thing, it works better.

We mentioned even 15 old-new trends for 2021, but as the technology goes further, we expect even better improvements this year. The competition is great, and surely every tech company is trying to always be up to date all the time, even though it takes a lot – but in the end, the final users are those who are most important and valuable, and all of this is for them.

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