How Modern Technology is Improving the Adult Toy Industry

Let’s talk about sex, and no, don’t immediately cover your eyes or close this tab, as reading this article will help you much better understand the adult toy industry, and who knows, maybe some even get tips on how to spark up love life. Let’s be serious for a second and say that adult programs, channels, questions, and even toys have always been a no-no topic without any real reason, but we wouldn’t be here in the first place if it weren’t for sex. But, for centuries, talking about something as basic as this has been not only discouraged but forbidden, and by just saying adult in a sentence, an entire conversation you are having depends on what you say next and how you finish that sentence. Using these gadgets is nothing unusual, and one should always look to find whatever they need and think would be a great addition to their sex life.

Just like modern technology influenced and changed many things we today cannot live without, a similar thing happened to the adult toy industry, which is great, but many haven’t heard about it, and some don’t even know what to expect from certain toys, which is a shame. It doesn’t matter which one some prefer, living in a world where diversity and overall acceptance are highly valued, why would something as basic and normal as this be taboo? No need for that as the latest innovations and changes in this industry is something we should all cheer for, as things can only get better. Don’t believe us? Keep reading and learn more about how technology really improved this industry, and find out more about many innovations in this industry that will surely leave you speechless.



Let’s start with some basic things since not only that the Internet changed how we get our information, it also changed how we do shopping, especially for items like adult toys, that some perhaps don’t want to be seen buying personally. But that is just one way of looking at things, and since today it is a much higher demand for adult toys, there are many more adult toy manufacturers. Competition is fierce, especially online, which for us, consumers, is a great thing. Not only are prices going down, but it also means that there is a much better offer of adult toys, as every manufacturer wants to offer something new and unique. Everything is rapidly changing, and we have now more than ever embraced our sexuality, and that, combined with human curiosity, only adds up to why this industry is one with the highest growth. But, it doesn’t end there, as there is also a vast offer of lingerie clothing, and who doesn’t love sexy new lingerie?

Better functions


We are now so used to ion batteries and USB rechargeable devices that it is difficult for us to imagine that struggle when our sex toy is out of power, but it was the case in the beginning. The first batteries used for sex toys were not powerful enough, so it was possible to use a toy only for a while. After that, ion batteries came to the market, and it became possible to use toys much longer. With the advent of USB rechargeable devices, things became even easier for us, and these devices now can work and last for a long time before it is necessary to replace a battery or buy a new toy. Technology also brought us better motors, which means better functions of the device. Because of modern technology, it is now possible to control vibration, speed, and its type. That gives us more pleasure than old vibrating toys with only one or two speeds and one type of vibrations.

Easier cleaning


Sex toys were an innovative way to spice up our love lives, but the problem was how to clean them properly after usage. They were not waterproof, and since they used batteries to operate, it was tricky and almost impossible to wash them. Luckily, today almost all toys are waterproof, which made maintenance and cleaning much simpler since you can wash them with soap and use running water to rinse them. It brought even more benefits since it is possible to use them in a bathtub and enjoy your hot bath even more.

Real experience


This industry is improving all the time, and with the usage of virtual reality, and artificial intelligence technology, it can provide an even better experience for its users. The usage of VR and AI is big, and using it to improve chatbots and sex dolls to give a real experience to various users is changing this whole industry. Earlier, sex dolls were made out of rubber and did not provide enough pleasure, but things are much different today. Today’s dolls look almost like real persons, and because of their soft skin and hair, touching them gives us almost the same feeling as we are touching a real-life body. VR and AI gave them a voice and personality, which made the whole experience even more authentic, and it is expected that it will become even better in the future.

Summing up

Modern technology changed every single aspect of our life, and although there will always be nostalgic times, where everything was much simpler, as they say, we cannot say that things aren’t changing for the better, and the same goes for the adult toy industry. With modern tech, everything evolved, and today, one can get a vibrator, dildo, or a stroker of any kind, type, shape, or color and order their favorite toy from anywhere in the world. That is why adult toy shops and websites like are some of the most visited shops online. In the end, sex sells, and no matter how much we fight it and still consider talking about “adult stuff” as inappropriate, it is still a common and most natural human thing. So browse, explore, and no more who knows as we guarantee that you will find something that will make you feel awesome.

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