The Most Beautiful Houses In London

Capital cities have some stunning, breathtaking houses that have innovative architectures and London is no different. No denying the fact that when a premium space is available, people look for creative solutions to make the most of the available spaces. Keeping this in mind, a few houses in London are designed to make them stand out among the rest.

Now, if you are thinking, how would one define whether a house stands out among others and what are the criteria, keep reading.

The best houses generally have out of the box designs, something that is not seen in the general ones. Although different people have different tastes, we have listed some of the best designed houses, which you don’t get to see every day. We have also included properties that not only have beautiful interiors but also have breathtaking architecture

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Now, without further ado, let’s get started to have a look at the various glamorous mansions London offers.

The Mansion In West London


Although this particular house doesn’t have any official name, it is really impressive. Apart from its vast size, this mansion is quite famous for the amazing features it has.

At first glance, you may think that it is just another normal house, but the twist lies in its clever design and architecture that has lured many people. It has modern technology windows and doors installed that ensure that energy is economically consumed. The interiors of this building are also transformed into modernity.

Cedar House


This house has one of the best designs that is loved by many people in the city. The Cedar House was the outcome of an extension and conversion done to an outdated bungalow in 1960 and the result was incredible. This house has four rooms and is well furnished. The name of this house was given owing to the materials used in the highest quantity in its making. Thus, as the name suggests this house is made up of Westen Red Cedar.

The work done on this house is fabulous and beyond words. It is an eye-catcher for everyone who walks around a busy street.

The Traditional House


This house is a bit traditional but is no less beautiful than the others mentioned in this list. It has a beautiful finish and is one of the best houses in London. This house is the outcome of redevelopment of a famous traditional Victorian Villa. Everything present in this house is very well maintained. Such high maintenance is done to ensure that its glorious standard is maintained.

Although, at the back of this house, things are a bit unusual. It has a modern extension in the form of an open living space that is not visible from the front, and many don’t know that it exists. The new space at the back has a similar personality as the front space, and the two spaces come along together well.

The Long House


People generally do not believe that a house like this one exists in London. It is almost hidden from the outside world but is a lavishly designed space that will definitely take your breath away. It has a secretive build and is not visible from the outside buildings. You can enter this house only through the rear garden door. The idea behind the architecture of this particular house is taken from the various colourful buildings and the existing houses present nearby.

When it comes to the height of this building, the sky’s the only limit. The best part is that this house has won numerous awards, which includes the RIBA Award in 2008.

Courtyard House


No doubt, clever architecture and innovative designs help the clients to make the most of their spaces. The Courtyard House is a single storey building, that is constructed on the sloping side of a brownfield. The height of this house has been kept low to prevent neighbours from peeping into it. The house also offers a wonderful private central decking area.

The street-facing windows have opaque glass fitted into them so that the homeowners can have complete privacy. To speak more about it, the house gives the feeling of the famous saying” blink an eye and you will miss it”. It is one of the most unusual properties that sparks the interest of many buyers.

Coach Lane House


It is one of the most incredible houses in London. It is located close to Wimbledon Village which housesone of the most popular tennis clubs. This house has been created with the objective of housing a family that has a myriad of needs. The floors have lightweight timber installed which increases the structural appeal of the house to a great degree. Both the front and the back of this house has extensive glazing, which reaches out to a well-maintained and manicured garden.

Wood and white renders have become very popular recently and this house provides the perfect example of how they both look together. Finding such a large property in London is quite rare.

Bolingbroke Grove


It is one of the most beautiful six-bedroom houses that was built around 1880. The architecture company was given a brief of what needs to be done, and they were told to refurbish and remodel the entire house. An impressive basement was added to this house along with a two-storey glass extension.

You must have by now known why we have included this specific house in our list. The end result after refurbishment was just remarkable, and this is how, one of the best houses of London was established. The rear of this house offers an amazing view, with a glass-fronted extension.


The list for the outstanding houses in London doesn’t end here. These were a few hand-picked choices that have inspired numerous homeowners to build similar architectural wonders. If you want to check these beauties yourself, make sure to pay them a visit the next time you visit London.