Most Expensive Underwear for Men

This is not something that men would typically spend so much money on, but it is out there. We know that men love to spend money on fast sports cars, and also on wardrobe, and sometimes shoes as well. But underwear? There are not many men who would have to spend more than a hundred dollars on a pair of underpants. But if you want to spend a lot of many on a single pair of underpants, you can. The most expensive underwear for men cost $1,000 and it is made of cashmere and it has gold embroidery. What more a man can ask for?

Nowadays men are more and more into fashion, but they are still different than women. They love their fashion designer pieces, but when they are spending their money, and if they are spending a lot of money, they want something that is pretty comfortable. So if a man is buying a pair of sneakers of a pair of jeans, he wants them to be comfortable. And the same goes for underwear.

All over the Internet, you can find “angry” men that are desperately searching for the best pair of underpants. They want them to be comfortable, easy to wear, soft, made from nice material, and not that expensive. Men are very protective about their lower parts, and they want something that’s best out there for them. All of them want to find something that is worthily for a member of a royal family. Most of those men would like if they could go “full commando”, but that’s not so practical and definitely not hygienic. So they need to find that perfect pair of boxers.

Underwear for Men

And finally, there is a solution for all of their troubles. But it’s not a cheap solution, it’s everything but cheap. The brand Nice Laundry has created the best, the most comfortable, the most luxurious, the softest, and the most expensive pair of boxers out there. These boxers are described as something made out of heaven. And can believe that description, because they are made of 100% cashmere. But you will have to spend a lot of money if you want your private parts to feel like they are in heaven. Also if you have so much expensive underwear , you should take care about it also.  You should have unique and grate place where you can place them.

The pair of these boxers cost an astonishing $1,000. That’s more than someone’s rent, and if we take into consideration that you need more than one pair, you will need to spend more than just $1,000.

Maybe they are worth the money, they are made of 100 % cashmere and they even have a 24-karat gold embroidery on them. And each pair is hand sew, and all of them are made in the U.S., in New York. There isn’t any other material in these boxers, just cashmere, there is no wool, no synthetic material, nothing, only high-class cashmere.

This brand is a very famous brand in the U.S, but it didn’t become famous because of its luxury underwear. They’ve never an item so expensive in their shop. We can say that they are pretty affordable. And that’s why men love this brand. They are affordable, modern and they produce comfortable underwear. One of the favorite items from their customers is their slim-fit boxer shorts. They don’t sell just boxers, they also have a variety of modern and interesting socks, that are not just plane-looking socks, they have many options with interesting prints. They also offer anti-odor underwear that is made of soft MicroModal fabric.

And something that everyone loves is when they can customize their purchase, and that’s also something that is offered by this brand. You can add a customize monogram to your underwear, so you know they are just yours. And alongside that, they offer you to put interesting icons on your underwear. You can choose from a mermaid, a skull, a flying pig, a serpent icon, an American flag, and many more.

Most Expensive Underwear for Men

But now they also have this luxury pair of boxers that are made 100% of cashmere. We don’t know will this pair became a best-selling pair, but we are certain that someone will buy them. And if you have enough money, and you don’t know what to do with it, buy a pair of boxers that cost $1,000. Why not? Splurge, buy them, and you will feel like a royal and your private parts will be grateful to you. And maybe you could impress a girl with your new pair of golden embroidered cashmere boxers. But if you don’t have enough money, or you think it’s not normal for someone to spend that amount of money on a pair of underwear, then don’t buy them. There are some very nice, and comfortable boxers out there, that don’t cost the same amount as monthly rent. It’s up to you, can you and do you want to splurge or save.