Most Popular Cannabis Brands In The World in 2024

Using cannabis for recreational and medical purposes is not a taboo anymore. Thanks to deeper researches, and scientific proof, people finally know that when something is properly dosed, and used following the instructions, it may have a lot of benefits for their health. That means, even though cannabis is still considered a drug, many people are getting aware of its benefits, especially when dealing with stress, panic, and anxiety.

And, as you know, this year we really had a lot of stress and anxiety, and it was the right time for the cannabis brands to promote their products, pay more attention to the marketing, and just appear everywhere around the people. The good thing is that they don’t just sell their products, they are selling the background, the story, the mission, and the purpose. They improved their online sales by providing user-friendly websites, and free or low-fee delivery to the customer. As the situation with the pandemic was escalating, people were looking for something to relax them. As we all know, the CBD oil, which is extracted from the cannabis plant, can be used to treat some conditions, for cooking and improving the taste of your salads and meals, and even for vaping. Some brands are producing edibles and even pet treats.

So, we can say that 2024 was challenging, but also great for some businesses to finally rise and shine. Let’s see who were they:

1. Marley Natural


As the very name says, this company was established following Bob Marley’s legacy, with help from a company named Privateer Holdings. It’s one of the most popular companies based in the United States. Bob’s granddaughter Cedella is a spokeswoman of Marley Natural. They have a lot of products to offer to their customers, including smoking products, vape liquids, and even cosmetics, everything under Bob’s brand and name. Is there any better strategy to sell pot-related products? Also, you can find smoking accessories that may improve the whole experience.

2. Apothecanna


They are mostly dedicated to the spa experience, and also, they offer a wide range of cannabis products, including cosmetics, intimacy oils, pain relief products, and so on. Their products don’t contain THC, and they are all-natural and high-quality. Their marketing strategies are discrete, but successful, since they don’t color their products green, and they put just a tiny detail, so the customers can know they are buying CBD related goods. Also, they don’t sell legalized weed, edibles, and oils, and they are just focused on the cosmetics and spa experience.

3. Twisted Extracts


You can find this brand listed on Greenland Botanicals (Seven Days A Weed), and they are focused on CBD edibles, that make people much happier with their life and choices. On their product list, you can find oils and drops, jellies, candies, and complete instructions on when or how to use them, and the expected effects. They also don’t sell smoking products, but surely people know how to enjoy CBD infused edibles, together with their effects and benefits.

4. Caviar Gold


You will often see this brand in lists like this because they are recognized as the best company that sells flowers and smoking goods. The only difference is that they offer THC infused products, and every joint is dipped in the extract, for a better experience. Also, when buying from them, you will need to provide your exact age, so they can see you are eligible to buy their products. Even though in most of the USA cannabis is legal, the producers are very careful about who are they offering it to. They have an advanced way of preparing every product, and they are very serious when it comes to keeping a healthy competition in this market.

5. Level Blends


They are focused on a very different CBD product that we usually see. Level Blends are known for their oral pills infused with CBD. They sell them in small boxes, and they put a lot of attention to the branding. Their boxes look like pharmacy packages, which just tell how seriously they take their role in producing tablets infused with isolated cannabinoids. They are currently able just in California, and they also offer vaping cartridges, and many other products will be developed, as they try to spread around the world.

The cannabis controversy


In many countries around the world, marijuana and hemp plants are still considered as a drug, and the controversy is all around them. We will need a lot of time and effort to overcome that mindset. The rise of these brands and companies is understandable, due to the legalization in many countries around the world. Most of the authorities are hoping that the people will finally become aware of the benefits this plant may have when produced and delivered through legal channels.

When produced in controlled conditions, even the psychotropic ingredients won’t harm the user. But every adult person should be aware of the risks and benefits too, so they can decide by themselves if they want to try some of these products or not. And, of course, we can expect that people will also learn that consuming cannabis is not just smoking weed together with friends. It’s a whole science that covers so many aspects of life.

It has a lot of benefits for dealing with stressful situations, and anxiety, but it also can be used as a pain reliever too. You only need to choose your “drug” so you can decide which form you can handle it. Lucky for all of us, we have plenty of options, like smoking weed, marijuana-infused cigarettes, edibles like gummies, chocolate, and cookies, drinking tea, taking CBD drops, or even hard candies, and use CBD based cosmetic products.

As you can see, now it’s the right time to overcome the stereotypes and controversy and embrace the benefits of this product. But, you must use only controlled products and buy from brands that have a clear license and certificates to do that job.